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Wingsuit Flight - A Reference Guide - 2012-08-02 by DSE

Wingsuit Flight - A Reference Guide This manual is intended as a resource for highly experienced wingsuiters. It is not a substitute for training by a wingsuit instructor certified by Skydive Elsinore Wingsuit School (“SEWS”) or by any ...
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Getting Wet: Wingsuits In The Water - 2010-12-20 by DSE

An unplanned water landing is a frightening scenario for many skydivers; it’s one of the reasons that live water training is required for a USPA B License (If you didn’t truly get wet when working...
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Learning To Fly A Wingsuit - 2010-11-21 by dse

Learning To Fly A Wingsuit Wingsuiting is a fast-growing discipline in the skydiving and BASE-jumping world. There are some potential pitfalls you can avoid in your quest for slower freefall and farther flights.
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Wingsuit Gear Check - 2009-03-11 by justin shorb/Flock University

Wingsuit Gear Check Whether you jump at a large dropzone or a small one, you’ve probably shared a ride to altitude with a wingsuiter. Like all skydivers, wingsuiters should receive a thorough gear check, but a wingsuit...
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The Future of Wingsuiting: - 2009-02-01 by Taya Weiss

The Future of Wingsuiting: An article on the future of wingsuit formations, measurement, and opportunity.
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