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Boogie Safety

Boogie Turmoil Survival Tips - 2018-02-08 by Joel Strickland

Boogie Turmoil Survival Tips Boogies, skills camps and destination events are now available in the farthest reaches of the globe - taking place in countries that range from reassuringly orderly to exhilaratingly shambolic....
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Why We Boogie - 2016-12-20 by Annette O'Neil

Why We Boogie It’s hard to imagine that, not too long ago, a skydiving get-together was a rare thing indeed. Today, as you’ve no doubt noticed, there are hundreds of ‘em. In fact, almost every drop zone, no...
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A Packing List For The Boogie-Bound - 2016-11-22 by Annette O'Neil

A Packing List For The Boogie-Bound There are a number of ways to kneecap a boogie, and they often have something to do with your gear bag: a forgotten helmet that lands you in a beat-up student ProTec all week; a forgotten suit that...
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Jumping at a New DZ: Your Battle Plan - 2016-04-11 by Annette O'Neil

Jumping at a New DZ: Your Battle Plan Just moved across the country? Heading out to boogie in a strange new land? Impromptu road trip? If you’re not used to jumping at new-to-you DZs, reorienting yourself to a new...
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Flight Planning for Safety - 2004-08-07 by Winsor Naugler III

Flight Planning for Safety In any aviation activity proper flight planning is critical to safety, and skydiving is no exception. If you take the time beforehand to plan for various eventualities, you don't waste precious time ...
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How to survive the WFFC - 2003-10-06 by Bill Von Novak

Tips to help keep you alive and jumping at the biggest skydiving boogie in the world, or any other large boogie for that matter.
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Becoming An Experienced Convention Skydiver - 2003-10-06 by Gary Peek

We skydivers are generally some of the most safety conscious people around, but the excitement and fast pace of a large skydiving event have the potential for making us forget or ignore the usual...
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