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Skydiving Safety Articles

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In skydiving, as in any other risky endeavor there exists a direct relationship between your knowledge, skill and attitude, and your chances of survival. Explore the categories below for a wide range of skydiving safety and training related articles. Never stop learning.

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Recent Articles

Exit Checklist For Camera Users - 2017-01-18 by Joel Strickland

Exit Checklist For Camera Users For the amount that most of us understand about how they really work, the modern cameras we employ for skydiving are close enough as to be made of magic. Yet despite their tiny size, amazing quality and all-round wonderfulness - we still regularly miss out on capturing...

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From Tunnel to Sky - 2017-01-12 by Kirk Verner & Gary Peek

From Tunnel to Sky The advent of vertical wind tunnels has created not only an incredible new air sport, but has also provided us with a very realistic simulation of freefall skydiving. This simulation can be used to provide both accurate and efficient training for skydiving students.

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Learning About Weather: Part 3 - Upgrade Your Grey Matter - 2017-01-10 by Joel Strickland

Learning About Weather: Part 3 - Upgrade Your Grey Matter There are lots of things you can learn about on the Dropzone that will aid you understanding of how all the elements involved in a skydiving operation fit together to make things work. Even just focusing on the assessment of the jumping conditions demonstrates several...

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How To Get That Wind Tunnel Job - Vince Arnone Talks You In - 2016-12-30 by Annette O'Neil

How To Get That Wind Tunnel Job - Vince Arnone Talks You In When it comes to the windytube, Vince Arnone has a few solid miles under his belt. He’s worked in the wind tunnel industry since 2010 (and in the skydiving world for a few more years before even that). He runs Indoor Skydiving Source, a community-based resource for indoor...

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Why We Boogie - 2016-12-20 by Annette O'Neil

Why We Boogie It’s hard to imagine that, not too long ago, a skydiving get-together was a rare thing indeed. Today, as you’ve no doubt noticed, there are hundreds of ‘em. In fact, almost every drop zone, no matter how small, has at least one official yearly boogie to celebrate its local ...

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How to Team - Hayabusa's Best Tips - 2016-12-13 by Annette O'Neil

How to Team - Hayabusa's Best Tips If you say “by training hard,” you’re certainly right. Hayabusa, the aforementioned golden boys of 4-way FS, unsurprisingly train their way around the calendar in both the tunnel and the sky. As of publication, they recently topped of the podium in the FAI world...

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Skydiving Fatality Reports:

Fatalities by Category:

Collisions (101) Collisions 15%
Landings (213) Landings 31%
No Pulls (60) No Pulls 9%
Malfunctions (132) Malfunctions 19%
Reserve Problems (26) Reserve Problems 4%
Other (95) Other 14%
Total (691)