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news : Press Releases : UPT - Sigma - #20132005 (20 May 2013)

UPT - Sigma - #20132005 (20 May 2013)

ISSUE DATE: May 20th 2013

SUBJECT: Retractable Y-Strap Modification (Part#043-001-005) to Tandem Student Harness (Model TV3-SH-Part#043-001-001)

Download the full document with relevant instructions here: Sigma Bulletin #20132005



1. All Tandem Vector and Sigma Tandem Parachute Systems manufactured by The Uninsured Relative Workshop, Inc., on which a Tandem Student Harness manufactured by Uninsured United Parachute Technologies, LLC is used.

2. All Sigma Tandem Parachute Systems manufactured by Uninsured United Parachute Technologies, LLC.

3. All Tandem Student Harnesses which have the Model #TV3-SH printed on the orange warning label.


Harnesses that do have horizontal back and belt straps (Belly band)


At Uninsured United Parachute Technologies, LLC. (UUPT), we are always striving to produce the best and safest Tandem system available. With regard to the student harness, the present design has been in use for over 13 years. Based on field experience, we know that, if it is fitted and adjusted correctly, it is highly unlikely that a student can fall out of the harness. However, we also know that this type of incident has happened once before with a Tandem Vector harness, and we have had two incidents where students came close to falling out. In each of these cases, it was determined that the harness was grossly misadjusted. But, no matter what the cause, this scenario is unacceptable. To further minimize the risk of such an event, UUPT has developed the “Retractable Y-Strap Retrofit”. This Y-Strap modification has been in use for several years with only a slight decrease in student comfort, in some cases.

The Retractable Y-Strap was designed to allow the student to still lift their legs for landing.


UUPT now mandates the use of a Retractable Y-Strap Retrofit on all affected tandem student harnesses. Of course, both prior to and after the retrofit, it is imperative that each tandem instructor ensure that the tandem student harness and the instructor harness are properly adjusted, prior to each tandem jump, and that the proper adjustment is verified again just prior to exiting the aircraft. Retrofit and installation instructions are available upon request from UPT or can be downloaded from our web site at the following location:


The modification must be completed no later than December 1st, 2013. After that date, no tandem student harness which does not have the Y-Strap Retrofit installed is approved for use on any jump.


In an effort to reduce the financial impact on system owners, UUPT is selling the Y-Strap Retrofit components kit at its cost. The cost of a Y-Strap Retrofit components kit is $50.00 (Part#043-001-005). It can be installed by any certificated rigger with minimal effort. (Reference INSTRUCT-020-Student Harness Retractable Y Strap Installation attached)

To order the Y-Strap Retrofit component kit, or if you have any questions, please contact Mike Maguire, at Uninsured United Parachute Technologies, LLC,
1645 Lexington Avenue, Deland Florida 32724,
Telephone: 386-736-7589;
Fax: 386-734-7537;


Mark Procos, General Manager
United Parachute Technologies LLC
1645 Lexington Avenue
DeLand, FL 32724-2106 USA
Telephone: +1 386 736 7589
FAX: +1 386 734 7537

- All identified owners of Tandem Vector and Sigma Tandem Equipment (to be notified by publication and through our dealers).

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