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news : Press Releases : Cypres 2 Service Bulletin - Jan 2013

Cypres 2 Service Bulletin - Jan 2013

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The following is a copy of the latest Cypres 2 service bulletin, which can be found at: Cypres-USA.

Issue date: 31 January 2013

Bulletin number: C2 0113

Identification: CYPRES 2 units manufactured February 2009 through December 2012 (02/2009 - 12/2012).

Compliance: MANDATORY before each jump

Background: Airtec GmbH & Co. KG has become aware of a small number of CYPRES 2 units becoming “non-responsive." Although the subject units indicated a “0” (or the selected DZ setting) on the display, they were no longer operating. Extensive research indicates that this situation is extremely rare and tends to occur during packing, especially on non-static-proof surfaces such as plastic, nylon or carpeted areas. Low humidity, build-up of static electricity and changing environmental conditions are all contributing factors. In addition, a recent activation, after the rig had been placed on the packing mat, has been linked to this phenomenon.

Action to be taken: Prior to each jump, during your pre-boarding equipment check (after the CYPRES has been switched on), perform the following system test:

Click the control unit push button one time, and watch for the red LED light to flash. A flash indicates that the unit is working properly. If the red LED does not flash, repeat this procedure to confirm. IF THE UNIT IS NOT RESPONDING, IT IS NOT IN A SAFE WORKING CONDITION, AND THE UNIT WILL NOT FUNCTION AS INTENDED ON A JUMP. If this is the case, contact Airtec GmbH & Co. KG or SSK Industries, Inc. for further instructions either to arrange for repair, or for a loaner or replacement CYPRES 2.

If the unit is not in working condition, failure to perform this procedure prior to each jump will result in an increased risk to the user.

Resolution: CYPRES 2 units manufactured after 1 January 2013 (01/01/2013) contain an update to prevent this situation from occurring.

All existing CYPRES 2 units in the field manufactured during the affected date range (identified above) will receive the update as they cycle through their periodic maintenance requirement, or during other repairs. After a CYPRES 2 unit receives the update, the procedure described above (clicking the control unit push button during each preboarding equipment check) is no longer required.

Additional Technical Details: The reason that only units manufactured during the above date range are affected is because the manufacturer of a component made a change on an internal ASIC microcircuit (which is something like a processor) to a higher level of integration. Prior to accepting the revised component, Airtec went through a 13-month evaluation period. This included laboratory testing as well as field-testing of 151 CYPRES units with no events or anomalies experienced. The revised component entered CYPRES production in February 2009.

Helmut Cloth
Airtec GmbH & Co. KG Safety Systems
Mittelstrasse 69
33181 Bad Wünnenberg, Germany
Tel: +49 2953-9899-0
Fax: +49 2953-1293

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An FAQ relating to this service bulletin can be found on the Cypres Website.

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