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Air Capital Drop Zone

Average Rating: 4.90
4.90 out of 5 based on 10 user reviews

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Cook Airfield (K50)
Lat: 37.5640380497535
Lng: -97.1715188026428

7015 S 143rd East
Wichita, Kansas 67037
United States

316-776-1700  (8421 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-10-24
One Cessna 182 modified for faster climb rate

Training: , S/L, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

S/L: 210 USD
Tandem: 220 USD
Video: 80 USD
Jump Ticket: 25 USD to 10000 ft


A fun, safe little Kansas DZ! We’re the most convenient Skydiving Center to Wichita Kansas, located only 10 minutes SE of town (or about 15 min from downtown Wichita). The majority of our experienced jumpers are RW flyers, very few active FF skydivers in the area. Good times, sweet skydives!

NOTE: Prices listed reflect a cash discount.


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A friendly dropzone where everyone knows your name ;)

Air Capital Drop Zone Rated 5 by: dreaming13000 on 2010-06-09

Pros: Safety concious and awesome friendly vibe
Cons: it is a short freefalll from 10k :)

This is the closest dropzone to where I am living at this time. I have jumped in 4 different states at 4 entirely different drop zones. Everything from a huge (rich) tandem factory dz to the small parachuting club. This is by far the friendliest dropzone I have jumped at. The jumpers here are not cliquey and I was invited to jump with other more experienced jumpers repeatedly. They treated their beginning students as equals and everyone made it a point to introduce themselves.

This summer there will be two c-182's in operation during their weekends and both aircraft were the nicest 182's (and even nicer then the otters and caravans ) i have ridden in, clean and by all appearances very well maintained. The packing is indoors and there are "packers" if you are looking for that sort of thing. The landing area is great for all experience levels and there are lots of great outs. The rental/student gear was well maintained and in good condition.

The amount of energy and training given to the tandems while I was there was superb! The video about the waiver was very informational and captivating (unlike the reallllllly boring ones I've seen) The tandems all left with huge smiles on their faces.

I would recommend this dz to anyone who wants to extend their skyiving family!

(Review ID:5764)

excellent small DZ with experienced staff, friendly atmosphere, easy access, covered packing, good v

Air Capital Drop Zone Rated 5 by: evolirol on 2007-02-25

Pros: friendly staff and jumpers, great atmosphere
Cons: Kansas weather

I've been jumping for 30 years and have been to many, if not most, of the DZs in the country. I've worked at a number of them. I moved to Wichita a couple years ago and started flying for Air Capitol. I have never felt more welcome or appreciated than I do there, nor have I ever had more faith in the maintenance of an aircraft. Martin is very picky when it comes to maintaining things, both the airplane and the gear, and the place has a terrific safety record. It also has great vibes, excellent student training and coaching, and a good base of up-jumpers. How many big DZs can you find with covered, climate controlled packing areas big enough for everyone all year round? Students and experienced loads are worked in between the tandems and anyone who wants on a load can easily get on one with very little wait, and be accepted by other up-jumpers without question. This doesn't often occur at the larger DZs either. So, if you're passing through the midwest, stop and make a jump at the friendliest litte DZ anywhere around!
Lori Love

(Review ID:3710)

A great little DZ where they make you feel welcome.

Air Capital Drop Zone Rated 5 by: sputnik74 on 2006-10-01

Pros: Great people, friendly atmosphere, safety oriented.
Cons: None

I was recently in Wichita for work and called ahead to see about jumping while in town. When I showed up at the DZ I was immediately welcomed by everyone (staff members and local fun-jumpers alike) and they all went way out of their way to make sure that I felt like part of the group.

My home DZ is in Colorado so on the first load when I made a comment about it being a little harder to get oriented in Kansas without the Rocky Mountains to use as a reference point everyone on the load pointed out features for me to use to make sure I would have no problem honing in on the landing area once under canopy. This was one example among many of the general attitude of the people at "AC/DZ".

If and when work brings me back to Wichita, you can bet I will be back to jump with the fine people at Air Capital Drop Zone.

(Review ID:3446)

A Drop Zone that's perfect for beginners, as well as experienced jumpers!

Air Capital Drop Zone Rated 5 by: LittleB on 2006-05-27

Pros: Awesome people, great location, extensive knowledge
Cons: None!

I recently got a "wild hair" and decided it was time to skydive. After some research, I came across Air Capital Drop Zone. I can now say I am HOOKED!
The day I showed up for my first jump (tandem), I was welcomed with "open arms." Everyone there was more than willing to answer any questions I had. They made sure I felt comfortable with what I was doing. They are very big on safety, which gave me more confidence. Mark and Martin worked with me for my first jump, covering all aspects, from gearing up to the landing. They didn't portray the "big city" attitude, and treat me like just another dollar, but they treated me like one of their own. You can tell they honestly care about your safety, and they want you to have a good time.
The atmosphere at ACDZ is very comfortable. I usually am kind of shy about asking questions that I may think are dumb, but the instructors and other experienced jumpers don't look at it that way. They are more than willing to answer ANY question you have, and don't laugh at you if the question may seem insignificant. They "took me under their wing" and treated me like a kid sister.
My experience at ACDZ was beyond words. I haven't been to other Drop Zones, but after going to Air Capital Drop Zone, I don't want to go anywhere else!


(Review ID:3107)

a real "home" DZ

Air Capital Drop Zone Rated 5 by: meekerseeker on 2005-12-19

Pros: friendly & fun
Cons: can't think of any

DZO Martin Myrtle is a great skydiver with a knack for business, and the atmosphere he propagates reminds me of jumping "how it used to be" but with all the advances of good technology & safety.

This DZ has
-good professionalism, very helpful
-family friendly
-a well maintained, high performing Cessna 182
-plenty of packing in the hangar, lots of landing area
-good location, very close to amenities (Wichita)

ACDZ is our "sister" DZ of sorts (I'm the little sister, Martin's the big brother). In an industry usually replete with cliques and competition, ACDZ continues to show how cooperation, education & information add immensely to everyone's enjoyment and safety. In September 2005, ACDZ hosted the first Annual All Kansas Cessna Boogie, bringing in all the dropzones in Kansas in cooperation for fun and sharing.

Jen Sharp, Skydive Kansas DZO

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