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  1. I was 18 when I did my first tandem. Had to wait until I was 19 to start my license progression because of state laws. Been 2 years. Being a poor college student has slowed me down sure, but I have my license, a bunch of jumps, and all my gear. It gets cheaper from now on right? :P
  2. I spent 2200 on a complete used rig with a container that had less then 100 jumps and a canopy with less then 30. It had 9 months left on the cypres. Used it all until the cypres expired. I then sold the main for 1100 bought a new main for 1900. Bought a new cypres for 1200. So total I have a new main,new cypres,used reserve with 0 jumps and a container that has less then 100. 2200-1100+1900+1200=4200. It also cost me a little under 3 grand for my 47 jumps thats including all the coaching up to my A. So I have 47 jumps and a complete rig and it cost me 7200. So yes with 10k you should be fine ;). I also did static line, so if you do AFF I bet you will come closer to your 10k limit. Find a good deal on used gear and follow the advice in the article on the main page here and you will be fine.
  3. My first jump was at a carnival ride tandem mill while on vacation. Little or no instruction except how to stand in the door. I will say that it was amazing enough to make me pursue skydiving but it did not give me the experience that my SL Instructor/Coaches/DZO gave me on my way to my license at my now home DZ. It's not just TI's that have a impact on someones jumping career/life but any coach or instructor that has calmed me down and reminded me that we do this for fun. The little things matter! My SL instructor use to pick my up by the hip rings to show me I wouldn't fall out. Was my biggest fear. My favorite thing is right before climbing out the pilot leans over and tells me to have a good one ;) always puts a smile on my face.
  4. Mikeal

    Windows 8

    I meant the windows icon on your keyboard. I have always called that the start button but I should have been more specific.
  5. Mikeal

    Windows 8

    You can search the entire computer by hitting the start button and then typing. So if you are on the Desktop screen click the start button and type paint.
  6. Mikeal


    Started jumping here with the SL course now have completed my A. Extremely safe DZ and very friendly staff. Through my A license training I always felt safe and that safety was this DZ's #1 priority. Great facilities. Huge Hangar, bathrooms, training room. Huge packing area.
  7. Lately I have just been wearing a non hooded sweatshirt and gym shorts under my jumpsuit and winter gloves that have grip. I haven't worn anything on my face, but when I open the door too soon for spotting makes me want to. I've found that you are not outside for long so it really isn't bad!
  8. Commerical airlines are pressurized so no need to worry :)
  9. I bought mine new. It stuck on the plane and under canopy. Sent it in to get repaired... Sticks on plane and under canopy. I now have given up on it lol. Use my eyes. Works in freefall great!
  10. Mine was not free of charge, I am assuming it is because I am not the original owner of the rig(and past the date). It was very responsible priced for the repair. Very happy about it! I got a new Lil Grabber, it was made in February!
  11. I just wanted to comment on the very good customer service I received while my Quasar II was getting its SB work done. Mike was extremely helpful and replied to every last email with all my questions very promptly. It had to have the kick plate installed in the reserve flap, I assumed this was all I was paying for but when I received it there was a new reserve pilot chute with it! I paid no extra and there was no mention of it on the invoice. Thanks Strong! Definitely made an impression on me! Blue Skies!
  12. Thanks for the info! I will be staying in Chadron so Akron is a little closer. Hopefully I can sneak away for some jumps!
  13. Is Cleveland Parachute Center still open? The DZ Finder had the wrong website and when i did find the new website the dates are from 2008. I will be traveling to Oho this summer for family and was hoping to get a few jumps in.
  14. Yes, and I do. I jump a 190 with the dual brake line. I have not had any bad openings but I have to pump the rear risers on every opening or it likes to start diving.
  15. I guess it could be, but coming from this girl I doubt it. She lied about everything from her car to her house. She kept telling us her car had 20,000 dollar rims on it when they were stock cadillac rims.