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Skydive Mesquite

Average Rating: 4.76
4.76 out of 5 based on 37 user reviews

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Mesquite Airport (67L)
Lat: 36.8349756
Lng: -114.0552453

1200 Kittyhawk Drive
Mesquite, Nevada 89027
United States

(877) 246-5867  (16669 Hits)

Last Updated: 2017-09-09
cessna 182 full time Caravan part time

Training: AFF, S/L, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

Tandem: 185 USD
Video: 69 USD
Jump Ticket: 26 USD to 13000 ft


Come to the drop zone in Nevada catering to experienced jumpers.


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers

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Friendly and Fun

Skydive Mesquite Rated 5 by: PoisonPanda on 2017-04-29

Pros: jumpers of all levels, beautiful views
Cons: really are no cons

This dropzone makes everyone feel at home. Owners and Staff are amazing. Jumpers are one big family of fun. Short trip from the strip and stunning views. A must jump for tandems or fun.
(Review ID:9257)

Love this place.

Skydive Mesquite Rated 5 by: MedicJ on 2017-04-29

Pros: Awesome vibe, friendly jumpers, wide range of experience, a lot of wingsuiters
Cons: Only a 182 during the summer, gets hot in the summer.

Skydive Mesquite is a rad dropzone. The atmosphere is laid back, relaxed, and fun. There is a wide range of experience; new jumpers can get coach jumps, experienced jumpers can participate in freefly, wingsuit, belly, tracking jumps, etc.. We do it all!

During the winter months (Halloween to early May) there's a Caravan. The Halloween Boogie is a fun way to start off the Caravan Season. Bring a costume and some friends!

If you're planning on coming out for the weekend you have a few options for lodging in Mesquite. Town is a 5-10 minute drive from the airport. Las Vegas is about 90 miles but many of us make the drive every weekend.

Come jump with us!

(Review ID:9256)

Best people/ vibe you can ask for

Skydive Mesquite Rated 5 by: Jkssler on 2014-05-11

Pros: Great vibe, Never any dropzone drama, great DZO
Cons: Only a Cessna in the summer, lack of student rigs

I started coming to skydive Mesquite last June when I moved to Las Vegas. I came from a few home dropzones that always seemed to be teeming with the drama that seems pretty standard at most dropzones once you've been going long enough (staff and DZO don't get along, fun jumpers have cliques, etc.). I'd say one of Mesquites greatest qualities as a home dropzone is that is has none of that garbage. Brad is an awesome DZO, and pretty much everyone who goes there on a regular basis are friends. It's a place where you could easily show up alone, and find a load to join in about 5 minutes for almost any skill level you are looking for (unless you are looking for very advanced 4 way, i guess).

As far as I can tell there are only 3 cons. First, they only have a cessna from May until about October. During the winter months they get a caravan, but during the summer you would be hard pressed to get more than 4 jumps in a day. As the dropzone needs to pay its bills, tandems will usually take priority (which takes at least 2 of the 4 seats), though Brad will do his best to squeeze in some fun jumper loads if possible.

Second, the DZ often won't make it until sunset due to winds that pop up at about 2 pm (common in the summer) or lack of fun jumpers to fill slots. If you are really trying to pound out a bunch of jumps and get numbers up, you might be better served driving out to LA to Perris or Elsinore.

Finally, there usually seem to be more students or people with gear then gear to go around. I know this is also relatively common, but some of my friends without rigs have been there all day and only gotten 1 or 2 jumps in. If you have it, make sure your bring your own gear! If you don't, get some!

On the whole, if you are in the Vegas or St. George area and looking for a dropzone with a great vibe Mesquite is your best bet. Definitely my favorite home dropzone so far in terms of people/ Vibe.

(Review ID:8457)

Great instruction and good value!

Skydive Mesquite Rated 5 by: Magnus2014 on 2014-05-03

Pros: Competent, serviceminded and dedicated instructors
Cons: Only one student chute

In a jungle of companys offering the AFF course, Skydive Mesquite stood out as a honest company that seemed more focused on paying forward the passion for skydiving than beeing just profit driven.

Brad and Rocco were competent and dedicated instructorers that followed me through the course and got me up and flying the skies in no time.

I have already recommended Skydive Mesquite to others.

(Review ID:8443)

Best dropzone in Vegas area for all you fun jumpers out there!

Skydive Mesquite Rated 5 by: AlexDias on 2012-02-04

Pros: AWESOME vibe, A true fun jumper's dropzone, great weather
Cons: Caravan is out so jumping from a 206

I have had the chance to visit four awesome dropzones so far and this one really is too. Got the privilege to be driven from Vegas to Mesquite by two locals, met tons of new very friendly skydivers and did my first jump in the US (yeah don't worry i brought beers along...)!
If you're looking for a very good time to jump or even just hang out with fellow skydivers, in a place where it's never about the profit but just about the fun... Skydive Mesquite is the only place available in the Las Vegas area!
Will definitely come back if I'm visiting again.

(Review ID:7007)

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