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Dropzone: North America: United States: Massachusetts: Pepperell Skydiving Center

Pepperell Skydiving Center

Average Rating: 4.67
4.67 out of 5 based on 12 user reviews

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Location: (26MA)
Lat: 42.6961944
Lng: -71.5500556

165 Nashua Road
Pepperell, Massachusetts 01463
United States

978-433-8269 (fax)  (12861 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-11-22
Super Twin Otter

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Forbidden

USPA Membership: Required

Tandem: 240 USD
Video: 100 USD
Jump Ticket: 29 USD to 13500 ft


The closest DZ to Boston (45 minutes) and easy to reach from any New England metro area. Open 7 days/week May 1-Oct 30. Full-time Super Otter. Barefoot Boogie with Skyvan and Helicopter every August. Professional USPA Tandem and AFF instruction. Free load organizing every weekend. Private 100 acre skydiving-only airport with huge grass landing area. Numerous restaurants and hotels nearby. Complete Pro Shop and Rigging Services, Master Parachute Riggers. Dealers for Tony Suits, Mirage/Sunpath/Aerodyne/Wings.
Only 15 minutes from the SkyVenture NH wind tunnel


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Team Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Camping
  • Showers

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Amazing drop zone

Pepperell Skydiving Center Rated 5 by: eddieprice on 2015-11-20

Pros: Great vibe, its a tight knit family
Cons: Experienced jumpers may have to pack their own rigs, because the DZ prioritises tandems

As soon as I set foot on the DZ I was greeted and welcomed by the staff. Extremely friendly. They have one of the best maintained Twin Otters that I have ever seen. VERY concerned about safety rightly so and I have always felt safe here.

My only complaint is the lack of packers. I've missed a few loads because my rig wasn't packed, which led to me packing it myself. It saved me $7, but wasted time.

Other than that it is the friendliest DZ I have been to.

(Review ID:8954)

the best place to learn, mingle , and make relationships in the sport

Pepperell Skydiving Center Rated 5 by: blueskiesb172 on 2010-10-21

Pros: they are the coolest and friendliest gropu of people i have ever met
Cons: hmm jee ugh none that i can think of well i guess , no one is there at 8 in the morning to jump wish they were so i coul

My name is bryan B I moved to boston in oct 09 and shortly found my self at this dropzone, from the moment I walked up to manifest everyone is hey who are you... welcome to the dz...... come jump with us...... I never have been to a dropzone like that in my life just so truly friendly and helpful.. the packers all the way up to the owner are super smart and can answer almost any question about skydiving tandems, aff, or any thing you can think of....... now as far as safety goes, THEY ARE THE ALPHA DOG HERE their tandem and aff instructors are amazing and super safe, I've watched the packers inspect each tandem rig every time they pack it,

I would have no problem sending friends and family to this dropzone to do tandem skydives or aff or just to hang out .... if you have a car and a parachute get your butt on the higway to this DZ
if you want to learn to skydive get in the car and get to this dropzone

I can promise you a fun exciting time, its not like any other dropzone I have been to because everytime I jump here I feel like I'm with my family!!!!!


(Review ID:6073)

Nice vibe & Location

Pepperell Skydiving Center Rated 5 by: Hairy_Haggis on 2009-08-17

Pros: Location, People
Cons: Showers! Jump ticket $$

Flew up from Ga up for the CASA boogie, had a blast! Nice DZ, friendly people, good location and scenery, efficient manifest and fast packers even though they were swamped.

However, please PLEASE get more than 1 shower!!!! Especially for a boogie with loads of campers! We intended to camp at the DZ but ended up paying for a local hotel as there was only 1 shower on the DZ and you can only use it between 9pm and 6am so basically you couldn't :)

(Review ID:5324)

I'LL be back!!

Pepperell Skydiving Center Rated 5 by: scratch05 on 2009-04-16

Pros: Scenery, Small DZ feel, Big DZ Planes,
Cons: Lots of Trees, But just don't fly towards them its in your hands

I was 40 min away on business and thought I would just drive down to check it out not intending on jumping. I was late in the day in the middle of the week at the very begining of the season. The drive out was awesome (From Texas). I rolled up saw the Otter and 206's and got excited. The people that were there were wonderful and after showing them my skydiving credentials, they they wanted to get a load up and they had good rental gear could I pass it up. It was awesome, They were hella friendly and let me borrow all the gear I needed. We rocketed up in the 206 (on steroids)and I go the tour all the way up. You could clearly see all of Boston MA, Manchester NH, Cap Cod...It was way cool. We had an awesome dive and a scenic Canopy ride. As I said before I'll be back!!!
(Review ID:5068)

one of the best places i've jump

Pepperell Skydiving Center Rated 4 by: kefran on 2008-04-12

Pros: the people there, the scenery, the welcome
Cons: don't see any

I've just passed by Peperell, MA last thursday, we were on the road with a friend and decided to do some fun jumps : what a welcome. only 15 minutes after we get there we were on the otter load, climbing in the air.
the people there were really cool ones, helpful for 2 losts tourists and hell : if the weather's bad ... you're just 10 minutes from Skyventure NH .

the landing area is wide enough to allow a lot of jumpers finding their way safely to the ground. there are also quite numerous «plan B» landing zones ... just in case ;)

2 Thumbs up Peperell, you'll see me again for sure !

(Review ID:4454)

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