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Dropzone: North America: United States: Illinois: Quad City Skydiving Center, Inc.

Quad City Skydiving Center, Inc.

Average Rating: 4.71
4.71 out of 5 based on 7 user reviews

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Gen-Airpark Airport (3G8)
Lat: 41.44022
Lng: -90.11141

20028 E 1650 St.
Geneseo, Illinois 61254
United States

309.944.0363  (8756 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-11-22
Cessna 205, Cessna 182

Training: AFF, S/L, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 250 USD
S/L: 150 USD
Tandem: 195 USD
Video: 90 USD
Jump Ticket: 19 USD to 10500 ft



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  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers

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great place for first timers

Quad City Skydiving Center, Inc. Rated 5 by: ppolstra on 2017-09-11

Pros: friendly, nice scenary
Cons: landing area is a bit small

I was in the area for a conference this weekend and managed to convince 3 friends to go for their first jump. Found QC Skydiving was the closest to them. We reserved some spots for them early on a Sunday morning and were able to get them in and out very quickly before brunch.

This is easily the smallest dropzone I have ever visited. The packing area is the middle portion of a standard sized T-hangar (it is carpeted, but does house their Cessna 182 when they are closed). The landing area is a bit on the small side with corn on 2 sides, hangars on 1 side, and the grass runway on the other. Not an issue for tandems and experienced jumpers, but just be aware if you are a newer jumper that you will likely be approaching over hangars or corn.

They have an unmodified Cessna 210-5 which is capable of taking up to 5 jumpers on a load. Plane was well kept.

My friends were warmly welcomed. The tandem instructors were very professional. They went through the jump with them. At this DZ they have tandems pull, wear an altimeter, etc. I only bring this up, because at many larger places tandems are really just passengers. One of my friends had to have the instructor place his hand on the handle before he woke up to realizing it was pull time (don't worry they pulled well above the minimum).

They all enjoyed the experience and at least one of them is seriously considering going back to become licensed.

There is a distinct lack of signage at this airport. If you go straight back from the entrance you will run into a hangar with a people door on the end. Go around to the far side of that hangar and you will find the landing area, etc.

In summary, if you are in the area and looking for a place to do your first jump this could be a good choice. I personally prefer to send first timers to a smaller DZ. If you are experienced and can land consistently close to your target you might want to stop in for a jump as well.

(Review ID:9384)

My first amazing jump.

Quad City Skydiving Center, Inc. Rated 5 by: buzzardhunter on 2011-06-09

Pros: Real good family atmosphere.
Cons: None.

I went to the this DZ to see what it was all about and I was impressed. Got real good info and so a week later went back out and did my first jump (Tandem). It was amazing and the best time I have ever had. They are real family and safety conscious. I will be going back to start learning to jump on my own.
(Review ID:6481)

great place even though they only have a cessna

Quad City Skydiving Center, Inc. Rated 5 by: magicalnumbers2 on 2007-06-28

Pros: small and homely
Cons: none

I started Jumping here and really like how well the instructors got to know me and how i should progress. It's a great place to just go out to (even on the cloudy days) just to sit around and talk to everyone.
(Review ID:3960)

Staff and others see safety as a priority but manage to be professional and fun as well

Quad City Skydiving Center, Inc. Rated 5 by: skydivingranny on 2006-04-24

Pros: Friendly professional staff, safety conscious, comfortable setting,
Cons: None noted

I would recommend this DZ to anyone!! I have started skydiving at age 51--The staff and other skydivers here are very friendly and more than willing to help and answer questions. DZ is very family oriented and friendly. Good debriefing after student (& licensed) jumps. Many if not most jumps are videoed. Staff and others are very supportive and encouraging--and are good at offering suggestions, encouragement and praises. Nice country setting with plenty of landing space. Wonderfull scenery.
(Review ID:3006)

Small efficient facility in the midst of farm country

Quad City Skydiving Center, Inc. Rated 5 by: flyingseal on 2005-07-14

Pros: Professional and friendly
Cons: Non that I recognized

This was my first tandem dive. It couldn't have been better. I felt like they did everything possible to make this the greatest experience it could be and it was. The weather was perfect, the view of the rivers winding through the farmlands and small towns was fantastic. The instruction was thorough and the dive flawless. I would recommend this place to anyone, regardless of their experience.
(Review ID:2420)

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