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Plymouth Sky Sports

Average Rating: 4.80
4.80 out of 5 based on 5 user reviews

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Michigan City Municipal Airport (KMGC)
Lat: 41.705055684735
Lng: -86.8225800991058

1300 S IN Hwy 212
Michigan City, Indiana 46360
United States

(219) 210-3338  (8170 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-10-24
C-182, PA-31-350

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 210 USD
Tandem: 210 USD
Video: 70 USD
Jump Ticket: 25 USD to 10000 ft


Please remove this dropzone from the listings, it is now permanently closed.


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Shop
  • Camping

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STP level 1 STP level 1 My second tandem jump!! My second tandem jump!!

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Fantastic place to learn to skydive--and to keep getting better

Plymouth Sky Sports Rated 5 by: catyduck on 2013-10-25

Pros: Supportive, emphasis on safety and learning, equipment in great shape, welcoming group of fun jumpers
Cons: Indiana winter, ugh

A (mainly) 182 dropzone that manages to be a great experience for fun jumpers, solo students, and tandems! The focus is always on becoming a better, safer skydiver. From your first tandem you have the chance to deploy and help fly and land the canopy. Then even after finishing off your A license, the staff is always watching and offering tips to improve canopy control and freefall skills, no matter how busy they are. My first reserve ride was on a tandem-crazy day--and I can't tell you what a big impression it made on me that the DZO and S&TA *both* came out to pick me up (read: make sure I was okay and find out whether I dealt properly with the malfunction).

The rental gear is inspected every 25 jumps, and I've overheard several visiting pilots comment that the 182 is in the nicest shape they've seen.

There is a good and uncliquey core of fun jumpers at many experience levels, some who travel from other DZs frequently because jumping at Plymouth is such a great experience, others who are homegrown and have been given every reason to stay loyal. Especially if you show up on a weekend, don't plan on jumping solo!

(Review ID:8258)

Plymouth Sky Sports is easily one of the best small DZs I've ever seen. So happy it's here!!!

Plymouth Sky Sports Rated 4 by: bartfricke on 2013-05-20

Pros: Great people, great facility, excellent equipment, great LZ (lots of outs), super chill vibe
Cons: Only one C-182, except on Caravan Weekends, limited toilet facilities

I can't say enough good things about Plymouth Sky Sports. Troy, the proprietor, is the perfect mix of safety-conscious, reasonable, fair, businesslike, and friendly, and Steve and Jennie, who fly camera and run the rigging shop, are both superb flyers, and SUPER nice and welcoming. Manifest staff are organized, very accomodating and service oriented.

They've got a nice, big, clean packing area, and a (nearly) full-service rigging shop with lots of new gear for sale (helmets, GoPros, gloves, etc.) all for very reasonable prices. I'm amazed at everything they can do there. They've got all the little things down too . . . they've even got a well-stocked little snack bar (kuerig coffee, chips, powerbars, and sodas) and they don't gouge you on prices (sodas are a buck, water is a buck, etc.).

As someone who's been around the sport for about 10 years, this is perhaps the nicest little DZ I've ever seen. They are doing it all right at PSS. This is the IDEAL place to do your first skydive, do a tandem, or do a Tandem Progression or AFF program and become a real, solo skydiver; you will get all the individual attention you need, and an intimate feel which is very important, plus the landing zone is huge, with very low air traffic and lots of outs, so I can't think of a safer place to learn.

It would be awesome if PSS had bigger planes, but this is a small DZ (but with room to grow). They bring in a Caravan twice a month in the summer, which makes for a BOSS time. You can campout and there is plenty of parking.

I predict PSS is going to grow in acclaim, and will bring more people into the sport with there mix of professionalism and friendly midwest feel. When more fun-jumpers and tandems find out about PSS, they will probably start bringing in bigger aircraft more frequently.

Seriously, folks, PSS is a winner. Don't pass it up.

(Review ID:7921)

Highly Recommended

Plymouth Sky Sports Rated 5 by: soccerlover on 2011-06-07

Pros: Everyone is great and nice! Willing to deal with anything, kept you informed
Cons: Takes a little while to get there from Fort Wayne, and mostly use smaller planes

Plymouth Skysports is absolutely amazing! A group of friends and I were supposed to go skydiving for my birthday back in April, but due to clouds we were unable to jump. They let us stay for five hours trying to wait out the clouds but ended up giving us all a rain check that was good for a year. Until we were able to all go again they had called me twice to inform me of a bigger plane they had on cretin weekends so that my friends and I could jump together. By the time we were finally ready to go they knew me by name. When we got there everyone was incredibly nice and informative. The whole time they were cracking jokes keeping us entertained, but at the same time teaching us how to do everything on our own. They also offer you about 60$ off your second tandem jump! I highly recommend Plymouth Skysports!
(Review ID:6475)

Plmouth skysports great dz

Plymouth Sky Sports Rated 5 by: ncklavin on 2011-03-24

Pros: Great people
Cons: none

A few friends of mine went to this dz on the opening weekend and had a blast. the owners and operators of this dz are very welcoming and, are not producing a tandem factory. but, the training and staff will give you a fantastic first skydive. experienced and tandems....this is the dz from you-nick
(Review ID:6283)

great new DZ!!

Plymouth Sky Sports Rated 5 by: DRC6977 on 2011-03-21

Pros: everything
Cons: none

2 of my friends and I (experienced jumpers) went to this DZ on their opening day. We expected a day filled with delays and organization issues being it their first day of business. However we were gladly surprised at how smooth everything went. The owners and staff truly have a passion for this sport that directly shows through their facilities and operations. I highly recommend experienced jumpers and tandems to check out this new DZ!!
(Review ID:6276)