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Indoor Skydiving: Slovakia: Hurricane Factory Tatralandia
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Brezovec 1090
Liptovsky Mikulas

+421911533354  (7062 Hits)

Height: 55 feet
Diameter: 14 feet
Speed: 170 mph

Tunnel Type:

Trading Hours:
Weekdays: 09:00-22:00
Weekends: 06:00-00:00


60 Minutes: 429 EUR



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Rated by: Raduz on Feb 5 2015 4:44AM

freefly camps 
Pros: really good for team training, workshops and camps
Cons: not so easy to get there

Hello guys we are flying in this tunnel for almost 2 years. Staff is very friendly. We providing freefly camps in this location.

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Rated by: xav on Oct 30 2014 11:04AM

cool people, cool place !! 
Pros: all
Cons: DZ should be closer ;)

I organize tunnel camp for few years now and we just came back from Tratalandia Superfly :
- we bring our coach so I can't tell about the coaching but the staff, doormen, instructors, barmaid, manifest are all super friendly and professional

the atmosphere is great and you easily spend the whole day in a comfy and cool place.

You can order some food, go the the near restaurant, not expensive and big !

I definitely recommend but not too much, we want our own space there ;)

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Rated by: k11stan on Oct 13 2014 1:57PM

Awesome super modern tunnel. 
Cons: reservation system is a lillte hokey. Getting there from norther parts of EU is a little tricky. Dudes in speedos. Youe

The tunnel is attached to the aquapark (pretty awesome on its own) so its fairly easy to find - getting there from the north (Poland for example) is a bit tricky though (I took the mountain pass road to get to the Mikulasz) - it was scary enough during summer , don't want to know what happens there when the snow falls. Anyhoo - facilities are TITS - 3 team rooms with video terminals, 3 cameras for different angles, super chill staff (if you have no one to rotate with you can take breaks in between flights and review video - perfect team setting) , a built in bar , showers and lockers. You can pretty much live there. Prices are awesome too - with annual membership (50 EU) off peak times (9 am till noon) are only 350 EU an hour (super cheap) at the time of writing this. The tunnel itself is a technological achievement in its own right - super smooth and bullet fast all the way to the top (sit flying while holding on the vanes is not a problem).Small Single entrance and smooth round construction ensure there is 0 turbulence. Layouts take on a new level of scary (and awesome) when you realize you head is about 40ft. off the net ... highly recommended . The staff also allows rigs in the tunnel (taped up and with covers) so the place seems awesome for competition prep ... All in all damn near perfect.

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