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Missouri Skydiving (Subscribe)

10 Dropzones

Rating Dropzone Courses Reviews
Average Rating = 2.60/5 Adrenaline Air Play T   A   5
Average Rating = 4.89/5 Fly Free Skydiving T   A   9
Average Rating = 5.00/5 Glidersports T   A   S   1
Average Rating = 5.00/5 GliderSports Skydiving T   A   S   3
Average Rating = 5.00/5 Missouri River Valley Skydivers T   A   7
Average Rating = 4.62/5 Ozarks Skydiving Center T   A   S   26
Average Rating = 5.00/5 Rapid Descent T   A   1
Average Rating = 4.43/5 Skydive Kansas City T   A   7
Average Rating = 4.50/5 Skydive Missouri T   A   S   8
Average Rating = 5.00/5 Skydive the Flying V Ranch T   1

Tandem   AFF   Static Line

The state of Missouri is located in the Midwestern United States, and bears the strange nickname of The Show Me State. The name of the state sees its origins in the name of the indigenous Missouri Indians, who were called ouemessourita which means "those who have dugout canoes." There are various tales as to how Missouri got its strange nickname, but the most popular seems to be that it refers to remarks made by United States Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver whilst querying remarks made by a previous speaker at Philadelphia's Five O'Clock Club.

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