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Skydive Missouri

Average Rating: 4.50
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Mount Vernon Municipal Airport (2MO)
Lat: 37.0683903
Lng: -93.8849303

14800 Hwy H
Mt. Vernon, Missouri 65712
United States

417-466-0037  (8931 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-11-02
Wide Cessna 182

Training: AFF, S/L, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required



World Champion skydivers are on our staff,


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Glad my girl found them.

Skydive Missouri Rated 5 by: wizardofbozz on 2012-07-04

Cons: To far from my home

I was wanting to jump for my birthday when I was 21 and asked my girl to buy me a jump. She called all over the state of Missouri with nothing but bad experiences until she called Feisty. Feisty answered his phone while flying his Cesna on a jump run, and talked to her with a pause for landing for about 30 min filling her in on all the info she wanted. She was somewhat worried about my safety and Feisty made her feel confident with his open, honest personality and answers. Once at the DZ we were inpressed with the atmosphere and people. Im quite sure that no one there has ever met a stranger. The class was indepth and full of some much needed information to allow me some control and power over my first jump which went off without a hitch. The tandum instructors are all very professional, but maintain a great sence of fun. I have been back for the last 7 years and taken friends and family(parents) alike and every jump has been great. I am an A license jumper now thanks to their teaching and coaching on the finer points of jumping. I would recomend Skydive Missouri to anyone for a great, educational, safe jump.
(Review ID:7408)

I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone I know

Skydive Missouri Rated 1 by: arosendahl on 2009-10-30

Pros: There were none that I experienced
Cons: Very unprofessional, misleading, I don't trust them!

I have to say that dealing with the president of this company has been one of the most uncomfortable and maddening experiences of my entire life. He has been nothing but rude and completely unprofessional. They must call him "Feisty" for a reason--I would never trust my life with this man or his company.

As background, I had been planning a skydiving trip ever since my 18th birthday and had never committed to it. Finally for my 27th birthday this year, I decided I would go no matter what. I have to admit that I didn't know much about what to expect, although this experience has certainly left a serious bad taste in my mouth. I did some research on the web and called this place--Skydive Missouri--to ask more details. After a very brief conversation where I wasn't given much information, the president asked for my card to hold my reservation. I would have, and should have, waited to receive the information in the mail before giving my card number, but this guy acted like they were filling up fast and there might not be room--a total sales push to get my money, not really caring that I was not completely comfortable with this very important decision.

Upon telling my family that I was jumping, my sister who had always wanted to jump with me begged to go as well and when I called the president back I was told that since they were "out of season" (a detail he conveniently left out the first time we talked) he was the one and only instructor there and that my sister and I could not go at the same time. Knowing this might be the only time I ever go skydiving, I really wanted to do it the way I wanted--jumping with my sister. By this point I was simply not comfortable with the information I was receiving or the outdated materials that seemed to come out of the 1980s that were sent to my house. I asked the president for my $50 back and told him my concerns. After high pressure to keep my appointment, "Feisty" told me verbally on that phone that day that he would refund my money IF I assured him I would send back his materials. No problem, I put his "training materials" in the mail and next day and waited for nearly a month to receive my refund.

I had to call this guy back nearly a month later. To attest to his lack of professionalism, he answered the phone as I were his wife with multiple dogs barking in the background. I asked him calmly and politely if he was planning to refund my money that had assured me that day on the phone a month prior he would do. However, instead of sticking to his commitment--this man tore into me calling me names and telling me that I was a liar and that he refused to give me any money back. I have never been treated with such disrespect—I was appalled!

I am now telling everyone I know about this incident--I am extremely disturbed when I encounter anyone who claims to be professional and treats their potential customers in this way. I am SURE that I have been scammed and will never, ever recommend Skydive Missouri to anyone I know. This story could have had a decent ending had I been treated with the respect and professionalism I expect from a place of business.

(Review ID:5458)

My first jump and how Skydive Missouri made it the most special.

Skydive Missouri Rated 5 by: 707070707 on 2007-07-08

Pros: Professional instructors, wonderful atmosphere, very friendly, you feel like family! Oh! and Katie and Lucy!
Cons: Obstructed view to there immediate south.

I became aquainted with Feisty and the gang at Skydive Missouri almost a year ago when two of my nephew's decided to make their first jump. It was a gift from their Uncle(my brother). He's been skydiving there for several years. About a month ago one of our sisters made her first jump. I figured it was my turn.
I called Feisty 2 days before my jump date to see if I could get in a class. I also had a very special request. I wanted to jump on 7/07/07, and if that wasn't enough, I wanted to be in freefall at 7:07p.m. Because of their vast experience, attention to detail, and surgical precision, guess what? I was in freefall by 7:07p.m. on 7/07/07 with seconds to spare. Not bad for. newbie! Skydive Missouri, Feisty and the gang...don't leave the ground without them!!

(Review ID:3986)

The best cesna I have been in

Skydive Missouri Rated 5 by: suipidguber on 2007-03-26

Pros: Very friendly
Cons: none

The plane is very fast and wide. Very nice group. The owner is a rigger, fixed my rig for me. Great DZ!!! Got on two load in about 40 minute just had time to pack and get on plane.
I am not from this dz but they treated me like I was.

(Review ID:3764)

Wow, amazing people.

Skydive Missouri Rated 5 by: planejumpr on 2007-03-13

Pros: Awsome atmosphere
Cons: Not open during the week.

Had a bad experienc at the DZ next door. Came to Skydive Missouri and was treated like a real customer. Feisty is one of the most accomplished and amazing skydiver I've met. Everything I saw oozes with profesionalism. And the widebody 182 is the fastest cesna I've ever been in. I would also say it is extremely well kept. Thanks to all there that made my weekend unforgetable.
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