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Dropzone: North America: United States: Virginia: Skydive Suffolk Inc.

Skydive Suffolk Inc.

Average Rating: 4.33
4.33 out of 5 based on 12 user reviews

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Suffolk Executive Airport (KSFQ)
Lat: 36.6823536
Lng: -76.6018733

200 Airport Rd
Suffolk Va., Virginia 23434
United States

757-923-4092 (fax)  (7694 Hits)

Last Updated: 2014-06-06

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Forbidden

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 369 USD
Tandem: 269 USD
Video: 100 USD
Jump Ticket: 25 USD to 13500 ft


Come jump our PAC 750XL 17 place Turbo prop 16 minutes to 13.5 large door quick climbs.
Very fun DZ good base of RW/VRW flyers very big landing area......


  • Gear Rentals
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  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Restaurant
  • Camping
  • Showers

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Better place for the more experienced and tandem jumps.

Skydive Suffolk Inc. Rated 2 by: Tom1985 on 2011-08-27

Pros: Great looking plane
Cons: Disorganized Staff, especially AFF instructors. Stubborn owner. Not enough chairs in the classrooms. Very informal cla

I didn't have a great experience with this place.

I tried to do a first timer AFF jump. I found them very disorganized as to when the classroom course would be taught. They told me at the last minute when to go.

I did the AFF classroom but wasn't able to jump because the weather. They said call back the next day. I called the next day when the weather was good but they had no AFF instructors to do the jump in the morning. I was in town for business and had to leave that afternoon.

They refunded me everything but $50 claiming I had to pay for the classroom portion and that I could take their little book to any other skydive place and do my first dive. The places I called where I would be would require me to do the whole classroom portion over for liability reasons. I explained this to Larry the owner of Suffolk Skydive and he still refused to refund the $50. I disputed it with my credit card company and got my back.

I liked the looks of the plane and the staff. The AFF classroom instruction was too informal for me. They taught you how not to die but did simply quizzed us orally as a group on the written AFF test. They didn't have enough chairs. Maybe that's what Larry wanted to keep my $50 for???

(Review ID:6713)

Great DZ for Sport and Tandem Jumpers

Skydive Suffolk Inc. Rated 5 by: lstring on 2010-04-05

Pros: Lots of good stuff
Cons: None

Great dropzone with plenty of friendly people. Also, great airplane and landing area. Thank you, Larry, Don & Robin for helping my wife, our friends, and myself have such an awesome Suffolk experience this past weekend.

Larry Stringer

(Review ID:5643)

Great plane and good prices for fun jumpers

Skydive Suffolk Inc. Rated 5 by: soulbabel on 2009-07-29

Pros: Discounts on jump tickets, PAC 750XL
Cons: Virginia's summer humidity, small indoor packing area

This is my home dropzone, but now that I have been able to visit other dropzones over my first year of jumping, the more I consider myself lucky to have this as my home dropzone.

My favorite policy at this dropzone is that you after you do 5 jumps in a day, tickets are half price for the rest of the day. Usually I'll do about 10 jumps a day for $175, which over time saves alot for experienced jumpers. Also, because the PAC 750XL is so fuel efficient, it doesn't require alot of jumpers to start the plane and run hot loads which is great for slow business days. The dz only requires a single AFF or tandem student, or 7 fun jumpers to get the plane started (and then only 5 fun jumpers to keep the loads hot). I've been on loads with just a single tandem student, and the ride to altitude was incredibly fast, even for a PAC.

Like any other dropzone, there are some things I'd like to see improved upon. However, despite any drawbacks, I'm still having a ton of fun at this dropzone. Although my student training progressed a little slow at this dropzone (mainly due to wind holds last summer), my jump numbers rocketed once I had my A license and my own rig. I've been able to do over 300 jumps in my first year jumping at this weekend only dropzone, and at a pretty good discount.

This dropzone is excellent for any fun jumpers looking for a home. Plenty of skillful jumpers, spaceball jumps (if the jump run allows), and a friendly atmosphere. I plan on calling this my home dropzone for a long time.

(Review ID:5295)

Welcoming DZ with a great family feel (minus the kids)

Skydive Suffolk Inc. Rated 4 by: MSEsmitha on 2008-10-14

Pros: Great People, Great Plane, Nice Landing Area
Cons: Small packing area

Suffolk is very welcoming to new people (both new to them and new to the sport). There are no cliques and everyone is willing to jump with each other. The folks with 1000s of jumps have no problems taking out the newbies and showing them the ropes or helping to organize/plan a dive.

The PAC is a great plane that climbs quickly and has a large enough door to put some RW together.

The landing area is large and forgiving.

They are very safety conscious but with a good time in mind (a real focus on personal responsibility).

I'd definitely go back!

(Review ID:4830)

the best little dz in virginia!

Skydive Suffolk Inc. Rated 5 by: chefchristine on 2008-07-22

Pros: easy to get to, friendly staff regardless of skill level
Cons: none

I have just begun my journey into the world of skydiving and I am glad I started it at suffolk. the staff have been nothing but friendly and polite and answered all my questions, no matter how ridiculous they may have seemed at the time. my instructors for my first aff jump sat down with me and explained everything that went on before, during and after the jump. several times on the plane I was quizzed as to what happened at this altitude and so on. I am going to continue my education there at suffolk and eventually move on to other dz's but will always call suffolk home...
(Review ID:4664)

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