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School of Human Flight

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Quincy-Gasden Co. Airport (K2J9)
Lat: 30.5978611
Lng: -84.5574167

1310 Airport Drive
Quincy, FL, Florida 32353
United States

(850) 627-7643  (13776 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-10-30

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 1485 USD
Tandem: 239 USD
Video: 69 USD
Jump Ticket: 27 USD to 10500 ft


Weekends only. Laid back, but easy to get 3-4 jumps in on an avg day. Big bonfire pit. Large, smooth grass landing area perfect for swooping. No sky God attitudes, extremely friendly.


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School of Human Flight Rated 1 by: Skyswooping on 2018-04-17

Pros: Its a ok place to do a tandem
Cons: way too many to name

If you are interested in a tandem, this is an ok place. Well other than the fact all they supply is shade. You must go to the pilot’s area for a drink of simple water, or use the restroom. It’s a good little walk away. If you’re a licensed jumper it’s a good place, if the plane goes up. (if there isn’t a tandem it most likely won’t go up)

But if you are looking for a place to learn AFF, stay as far away from this place as possible, I mean run. I was told 6 to 8 weeks for the course. 6 months later I was still trying to get my A license. I paid for my course completely up front. But I guess tandem jumper’s money is better than my $$ and I paid a whole lot more than they did. Drive almost 2 hours one way to get in ONE jump while spending all day there. Sometimes I couldn’t get a single jump because there is only one instructor at the time and that person was tied up all day with tandems. The AFF course was just enough to get someone hurt very bad. The AFF course was a joke.

The pilot doesn't seem to know what deoderant is or can bath and change cloths on a regular basis. We and I say would spend the whole ride up with our noses pinched

I had a friend in a wheel chair want to come and watch. I called the night before to make sure it was ok When we got there the owner was rude and disgusting to my friend. I was informed on the way home that when tandem showed up, the owner pointed right at her, her in a wheelchair, a rudely informed them by pointing at my friend “that didn’t happen here”. I was very upset and wanted to turn around and go back and confront her. MY friend said, “please don’t say anything, they can make things hard on you and I don’t trust them”

Before spending my money, I asked several times up front if there was a closer place to me. This lady flat out bold face lied to me. After spending months of one or two jumps a weekend, I got fed up and started looking around. I found one much closer and made a jump there, the people there made me feel right at home and part of a family on the first day.
When the owner of “School of human flight” found out I jumped at the other place, things got real ugly. They did nothing but bad mouth the other place. Three of us were taken aside and were instructed that “if we ever jump there is was a kick in his balls”.

The AFF course consisted of some ancient old torn up and wrinkle pics and a few verbal questions. During the course one student jumped with very questionable equipment. Even as a student at the time, I questioned it. On my seventh jump a storm blew up and I couldn’t see the DZ. I told the instructor in the plane, “dude I don’t see the DZ”. But since he had a tandem with him, he instructed me to jump. He had (according to him) 10,000 jumps so he knew exactly where to go. Me not wanting to fly through a large cloud with another jumper in the sky, ended up landing about 3 miles away, in someone’s driveway

I was a breath away from giving up on skydiving because of this lady and her instructor. I know of several others that were taking the course there at the same time I was, they are all looking for other places to go. This is not a place to learn AFF!!! I really wish someone with authority would go there undercover and go through the course. This place is the worst place and has left a lasting taste in my mouth and I will never jump there again. I will advise anyone who asks me about taking AFF to go ANYWHERE else. This place is doing more to harm the sport than anyone else I have met, in my opion.

PRO’s fair place to do a tandem or for a licensed jumper
CON’s you must walk to get a drink, use a restroom, you will be lied to, pay for something you aren’t getting. AFF course is going is a joke. So many more cons I just can’t keep going

(Review ID:9482)

Great vibe and instant new friends/family

School of Human Flight Rated 5 by: RLowell2 on 2011-06-21

Pros: The vibe is great and an instant family feeling with abundant conversation,knowledge and friendly professionalism!
Cons: I don't live 10 minutes from there!

I have called SOHF home now for around 4 years. I enjoyed my first tandem from there back in 2007 and began my AFF course shortly after. Life got the best of me but I returned to the sky again in 2011 and am now a Licensed jumper. Cindy Pirkkala (DZO) has always been such a pleasure to talk to and speaks to everyone from tandems to students to the pro's (there are a few) like they are next of kin. The regulars are like family, show sincere concern for EVERYONE's safety and work hard to introduce themselves to new people and to make sure everyone feels like they have been here for years. If you want to jump where you can relax, hang out and enjoy good conversation without skygods, this is your place. The weather is nice year round and safety is first priority. The tandem master's are sure to provide you with the best experience around and are more than happy to share your first experience with you like it was their first!
P.S....this place is serious about the "beer rule"....I currently owe more than I can fit in my car!

Blue Skies!

(Review ID:6511)

Awesome time, check it out

School of Human Flight Rated 5 by: ParaNegro on 2009-06-03

Pros: Fun, helpful people, great gear, fun/safe DZO
Cons: Small aircraft

One monday I decided I wanted to go through AFF, and after a phone call I started that friday and got both of my tandems knocked out. That saturday the winds were too high for me to start jumping solo (I tried to talk them into it, but they wouldnt have it, haha.), but that sunday I got two more jumps knocked out. I live about two hours away, and the DZO did everything she could to get me trained up and help me become a good jumper. Everyone including one of the riggers was even gonna let me crash on his couch so I didn't have to drive two hours away.

When I called and talked to the owner she explained how she takes pride in her gear, and when she showed me the rig I was going to be jumping, it was in awesome shape.

I have been there about 6 times, and each time I have a great time. Everyone there is fun and no one has a big head even though they have ridiculous amounts of experience. I am pretty sure I have had fun joking with everyone there from the DZO, to the pilos, and everyone else stopping in!

The only thing that some people would find to be a problem is the aircraft. You can only fit 4 at a time, and you are a lil cramped until the door opens up, but that is only a problem if there are a lot of tandems with videos and you are in a big rush. I am usually chillin, so I can wait until a couple of lifts later to hop on. Oh yeah, and one day the refrigerator broke, so the water was warm, haha, but someone brought a cooler and ice. Problem solved!

If you want to learn AFF from a professional crew and also make some friends out of it, go to Quincy and learn from these guys. If you just want to do a tandem with an experienced bunch, check out these guys!

(Review ID:5155)

nice quiet place to jump and enjoy friendships.

School of Human Flight Rated 5 by: kimmer2700 on 2007-12-06

Pros: Great dzo, very exerienced ,knowledgeable professional staff
Cons: None

The staff is professional and very helpful. They will answer any questions or concerns you have. They have belly and free flyers. Both groups are more than happy to add a new flyer to the group. I belly fly and have no trouble finding someone to jump with me. I also have no problem with someone asking to jump with me. It is all about being safe and having fun. The regulars are a nice bunch of skydivers to hang out with.
(Review ID:4262)

Fun jumpers delight

School of Human Flight Rated 5 by: tankboy925 on 2007-11-25

Pros: Friendly folks, relaxed atmosphere
Cons: Nothing I could see

This place is worth the visit. Lots of landing space and if you opt to land out there will be a golf cart in route to pick you up. The people are VERY friendly. I figured on a couple of solo jumps but was free funneling a track dive on my second jump with two other folks. Lots of people who are easy to talk to and a great mix of experienced and low timers. The dzo was both professional and friendly. I'll be back next time I'm around for sure. A perfect dropzone for anyone!

Bill "M.F." Jackson

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