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Countdown To Luke Aikens Heaven Sent

Countdown To Luke Aikens Heaven Sent - 2016-07-21 by  new 

When the first astronaut landed on the moon, it was "one small step for man." Now, 47 years later, the next "giant leap for mankind" will be made by a skydiver hurtling ...Read Moremore

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The Art of DZOing 
2016-07-13 by Annette O'Neil

Meet the forces of nature that turn your loads. Annette O'Neil talks with several DZOs about the details of operating a dropzone, from getting ...Read Moremore

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The Straight and Narrow - Cross-Wind Landings 
2016-06-20 by Annette O'Neil

Nobody’s going to argue that landing directly into the wind is the best way to go, but we’re not always that lucky. Got a long, narrow path between ...Read Moremore

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The GoHawk - GoPro Expansion Pack 
2016-06-09 by

POA Labs has announced the launch of the GoHawk, an expansion pack for the GoPro Hero4 that adds three new levels of functionality for POV Still and ...Read Moremore

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Your First Reserve Ride - Go Time 
2016-06-08 by Annette O'Neil

You’re as ready as you’ll ever be. Right? You know what a malfunctioning main looks like. You know the sequence*. You’ve done your homework (like we ...Read Moremore

Skydiving Today

Skydiving is one of the most popular action sports known to adrenalin and adventure seekers alike. Most "bucket list" jumpers who simply want to experience the beauty of free fall once, will get their first introduction to skydiving through a tandem jump, sometimes also called a tandem skydive. It's not uncommon for people to move straight into AFF or static line training, the two most common skydiving training progression programs for students to become fully certified as skydivers and participate in the sport on their own terms.

Skydiving activities take place around drop zones or a skydiving center, usually found at an airport where aircraft takes groups of skydivers up into the air so they can perform their jumps. Aircraft vary in type and size depending on the size of the drop zone.