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Useful Training for BASE, Right There on the Dropzone

Useful Training for BASE, Right There on the Dropzone - 2018-04-23 by Annette O'Neil  new 

If you’re like most people, your idea of dropzone training for the stresses of the BASE environment involves trying to look nonchalant when you climb into a hot-air ...Read Moremore

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Vigil Service Bulletin - 19 April 2018 new 
2018-04-24 by

Due to an internal calculation algorithm, units with firmware versions 05.05, 05.06, 06.01, 06.02 will enter protected CTRL-ERR mode when the ...Read Moremore

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How Green Is My Skydive 
2018-04-16 by Bryan Burke

Friends, co-workers, and visitors to Skydive Arizona often comment on my interest in environmental topics and my rather restrained consumption of ...Read Moremore

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Demo Skydiving for N00bs 
2018-04-09 by Annette O'Neil

Maybe you’re a limelight magnet and maybe you’re not-- but if you like to mess around with parachutes, the limelight might follow you regardless. ...Read Moremore

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Out of the East (Yin Yu's Story) 
2018-03-28 by Annette O'Neil

If you don’t know about Yin Yu yet, take note: You will. (You’ll probably meet her as “Daniela,” the name she goes by in the States.) Yin’s rareified ...Read Moremore

Skydiving Today

Skydiving is one of the most popular action sports known to adrenalin and adventure seekers alike. Most "bucket list" jumpers who simply want to experience the beauty of free fall once, will get their first introduction to skydiving through a tandem jump, sometimes also called a tandem skydive. It's not uncommon for people to move straight into AFF or static line training, the two most common skydiving training progression programs for students to become fully certified as skydivers and participate in the sport on their own terms.

Skydiving activities take place around drop zones or a skydiving center, usually found at an airport where aircraft takes groups of skydivers up into the air so they can perform their jumps. Aircraft vary in type and size depending on the size of the drop zone.