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Vector Fest 2016

Vector Fest 2016 - 2016-05-27 by Administrator  new 

Vector Festival is the European skydiving event of the summer! Don’t jump a Vector? You’re still invited, and it’s a great reason for you to register before the boogie ...Read Moremore

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How To Organize Your Sky new 
2016-05-25 by Annette O'Neil

>Who are all those people, anyway, with the smiling faces and the discipline names printed in all-caps underneath them? What’s an “Organizer,” ...Read Moremore

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Plane Crash Kills 5 in Kauai new 
2016-05-24 by

Just a week after the plane crash at Parachute Center near Lodi which resulted in a Cessna 208 upside down in a vineyard, another crash has occurred. ...Read Moremore

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Win An $8000 Rig With Aerodyne new 
2016-05-23 by

Aerodyne Research is proud to support long-time skydiver and member of the Aerodyne family, Claire Meredith and also Shari VanPelt, a member of the ...Read Moremore

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Jump Plane Crashes Near Lodi 
2016-05-12 by

A Cessna 208 was left upside down in a field just off Jahant Road, near Lodi Airport on Thursday 12 May when the aircraft was forced to make an ...Read Moremore

Skydiving Today

Skydiving is one of the most popular action sports known to adrenalin and adventure seekers alike. Most "bucket list" jumpers who simply want to experience the beauty of free fall once, will get their first introduction to skydiving through a tandem jump, sometimes also called a tandem skydive. It's not uncommon for people to move straight into AFF or static line training, the two most common skydiving training progression programs for students to become fully certified as skydivers and participate in the sport on their own terms.

Skydiving activities take place around drop zones or a skydiving center, usually found at an airport where aircraft takes groups of skydivers up into the air so they can perform their jumps. Aircraft vary in type and size depending on the size of the drop zone.

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