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6805 Visitors Circle
Orlando, Florida
United States

(407) 903-1150 / (407) 903-1150  (7092 Hits)

Diameter: 12 feet

Tunnel Type:

Gear Requirements:
Rental of flight suit, helmet and goggles

Trading Hours:
Weekdays: 10:00 - 22:00
Weekends: 10:00 - 22:00


10 Minutes: 223 USD
Training packages from 100 USD.


iFLY Orlando was built in 1997 as SkyVenture's prototype and proof of concept wind tunnel. It quickly became an overwhelming success and had operated at or near full capacity since that time. iFLY Orlando serves the entertainment, skydiving and military markets. iFLY Orlando is a 12-foot, open flow, 1000 horsepower vertical wind tunnel. iFLY Orlando is one of Orlando's top tourist destinations and a thirll of a lifetime.

Today iFLY Orlando is one of the most popular attractions in the Orlando area and flies thousands of thrill seekers per year.

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Rated by: Wachuku on Jun 14 2016 10:30PM

Must visit when you are in the area! 
Pros: Very friendly,Great instructors, Great Vibes
Cons: NONE

I had recently planned to start skydiving. My plan was to use the indoor facilities to learn basic form and technique then do a tandem and then start my AFF classes. I wanted to make sure I had all the money first saved up to start because I already knew once I got started I would be addicted. I went to Wet N Wild one day and it got rained out. So I come to IFLY Orlando to check things out. I did not plan to start that day but I did and right after bought more time. I came back exactly six days later. I immediately wanted to get my form better. My instructor was Darin he was very informative and helped me with my technique. Very good vibes there and a great place to learn. Great place for family and very well organized. I will be coming back again and again and again.

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Rated by: corpkid on Apr 24 2014 1:45AM

It's in my back yard and taught me body flight 
Pros: Convenient spot, Awesome staff
Cons: Tricky wind; no onsite ammenities

Overall, this is a great tunnel. I live and work no more than 10 mins from the tunnel, so that is awesome. I flew some of the newer recirculating tunnels which are also wider and it made me realize the age of the MCO tunnel. The staff is amazing and really wants to see you progress, plus it's a hop skip and a JUMP! to Deland dropzone, but I think it's time for an overhaul. Lots of tourists, but that can be fun if you are experienced and want to spend you last few seconds of a block showing off. The prices are totally fair, better than most, and they offer all kinds of special deals. This is my home tunnel, and honestly I love it and have learned so much there. The hike up the stairs is always full of anticipation of what I'm going to do next.

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Rated by: wan2doit on Apr 14 2014 10:34PM

Flew for 1st time Mar 16,2014 w/ 4 relatives 
Pros: The staff,flying experience,coaches - everything
Cons: Don't be late-firm schedule is kept to benefit all.

Best Place in Florida
This activity is fantastic as iFly Orlando say "for people ages 3 to 80+". I am 65+ and loved it as much as any activity ever attempted. Not cheap but well well worth every nickel. The sensations of flight there exceeded all expectations. It wasn't even as physically challenging as I thought it would be. I also talked 4 sedintary relatives from 3 around 65-70 and a 33 year old niece into going to iFly and they also loved it and couldn't talk about much else the rest of our small family reunion. They thanked me for convincing them to go and agreed it was the most fun they ever had while on a vacation. I will definitley be returning often to iFly Orlando. Hopefully one day iFly will come to Southeast Florida where I reside so I can go very very often . Happily Hooked :) Will return as often as possible to learn bodyflight.

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