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Indoor Skydiving: Russia: Free Flight
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Moscow region Krasnogorsk d-t o.s. of the MRAR, 71 km.

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Height: 23 feet
Diameter: 14 feet
Speed: 168 mph

Tunnel Type:



The world’s first wind tunnels were built in 1871. Then the scientists tested the properties within them military and aviation equipment . But the man at the Coast decided only in 1964 : a dream fulfilled Ostrovsky enthusiastic character in the American air base Wright- Patterson in Ohio.

With the popularity of parachuting in the late 1990s, the vertical pipes are becoming more mainstream hobby, and in 2008, one of them appears at us, at 71 km Ring Road.

Diameter of our wind tunnel is 4.1 meters and height – 7 m. The flow rate of up to 270 km per hour. This pipe – closed type : the air is drawn out of her room and is circulated in a closed loop. That is, in winter it is always warm , and summer – cool. That’s why we have all of your flights are in the most comfortable atmosphere.

” ” – is experienced instructors , who in the past professionally engaged in parachuting and are now ready to teach you to fly . This is a safe workout and a great location . We work in 10 minutes from the metro and know how to make the day better .