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Essential Skydiving Safety Articles

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In skydiving, knowledge is not only power but can also be the difference between life and death. Being educated on how to handle each situation you may find yourself in is of vital importance and you should never stop learning. No matter how sure you are of your abilities and your safety procedures, there's always room to improve. We encourage everyone to attend safety and training courses that will allow them to further develop your skills, while at the same time improving your safety. Fortunately for those looking to learn, we have a network of extremely skilled and trusted skydivers, who over the years have provided us with some truly excellent articles on matters of safety.

With it being Safety Month, we thought that we'd compile a list of 10 of the best safety related articles we've published on over the past 12 years. Read and share!

Flying and Landing High Performance Parachutes - by John LeBlanc

Downsizing Checklist - by Bill von Novak

Cleaning Up Your Turns - by Brian Germain

Another Look At No Wind Landings - by Scott Miller

The Horizontal Flight Problem - by Bryan Burke

Collapses and Turbulence - by Brian Germain

Line of Flight Explained - by Melissa Lowe

Exit Separation - by JC Fallo

Ten Things That May Keep You Alive - by Bill von Novak

Do Skydivers Care About Safety? - by Bill Booth

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