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Marry Me

Marry Me

Submitted by bar09230 on Wed Oct 10 2012

I’ve been a skydiver for the past several years, but this year, I made the big jump. Let me tell you the story. The idea came one winter night, and grew over the summer months with practice jumps. The week I decided to start my project, I didn’t sleep. I hoped desperately to succeed in my attempt. I had a few skydiver accomplices, but without more, I really wanted to achieve my goal. Finally the day is here, Aug 12th, 2011... At 13,000 feet, the door is open, latched to the wing. I awaited the tandem who exited, followed by a cameraman, 55 seconds, that’s all I had. READY... SET... GO... At more than 200km/h, I joined the tandem, I held my open right hand out in front of my girlfriend’s face and she was surprised to see the words ‘MARRY ME’... I had her reply in midair at 9,000 feet. After the deployment of the tandem canopy, she could read the giant 220 square foot banner, “BRIGITTE, WILL YOU MARRY ME?” After a soft landing, champagne awaited us on the ground. A big Thank You to Skydive Adrenaline for this memorable jump, as well as my friends Benoit Marin-Cudraz, the tandem master, and Philippe Boisjoly immortalized the moment as cameraman. Our wedding date is now set for September 1st , 2012.

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