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  1. Just completed my A-Licence at Abel Tasman and am delighted I did it here. I travelled round New Zealand a while ago and visited several dropzones but got the best vibe from Abel. Bit of research before hand checking the website, prices and contacting them supported my assumption, so was buzzing to go. I can gladly say that I made the right choice. Kevin and Mike, two instructors are absolute legends! Very passionate with different styles of teaching so you can vibe off both of them. Excellent instructors, both with a great sense of humor. Can’t speak highly enough of them. Everyone at the drop zone is willing to give you advice and share things with you. Extremely friendly and social place. My beer belly has grown substantially!!! Stunning location. Beaches, the sea, national parks and snow capped mountains very impressive. Awesome spot to check out even when your not jumping. Massive bonus for me was that you can walk to the drop zone from town so great if you don’t have a car. Most people will give you a lift though. I also attended the Good Vibes boogie, which as a student was a little frustrating as I couldn’t jump as much as others however everyone who attended the event seemed to have a great time and I met heaps of people. All of whom said I was learning at a great place with excellent instructors. You can’t argue with the pros. Took a while to get my A-Licence but its a great place to spend time. Fantastic spot!