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  1. B and P for me We found the B really solid and a good start to transition to many randoms: example - to go from a B launch to an F, the centres just let go of the leg grips, reach forward and join - done We then used P for the more strung out or longer formations. Juz
  2. If you are looking at the UK drop me a PM and I'll hook you up with a pal that does a lot of CRW here. Juz
  3. My TSE Viper has a tuck-tab, my Jav does not. Both work fine for me. Juz
  4. So............ I was the guy walking. I saw Rich a little way out and stopped walking expecting him to pass in front of me, but the curving path of the swoop meant we would be in the same space. In reality there was never any risk as we had both seen each other and I could easily have dropped to the ground or stepped backwards. What happened was a bit of 'eye to eye' and a bit of a 'game of chicken' before he popped up and I ducked down. For the peeps getting bent out of shape and calling me a dumbass - Get over yourself guys, it really was an amusement rather than a danger. Juz
  5. Seville Definitely!!! About 20 of us going for the 3rd year in a row. Juz
  6. Is the phantom secured with the press stud only, or is there velcro too? Go on Ben, get it sorted, get Chris and Noel to approve then I can copy you hehe Juz
  7. I currently have 180 jumps but will be in Elsinore for the next 2 weeks so expect to return to the UK with well over the 200. Whilst I realise that I still can't jump with camera until I have CCI approval, I am researching ideas in case I decide on something that is significantly cheaper to buy whilst I am in the USA. As for no cutaway, that is going to be a No-No for most UK CCIs (if not all), so I am also trying to find out if a cutaway can be implemented (for Phantom and Oxygn) that acts on the cord that tightens around the back of the neck. Juz
  8. Great post. I'd be really interested in peoples replies too. Juz
  9. I drive an Evo Viii and love it! It's a fab drive and can always put a smile on my face. I particulalry like playing with 'fast cars' like 911s etc as you often see real shock on the drivers faces when they struggle to keep up. Would like to test drive an Evo X but cannot afford one and don't want to put massive temptation in my midst. Juz
  10. Personally 6-7 is comfy for me if I am packing for myself. 8-10 if I have a packer. But money is also very much a deciding factor for me as is ensuring i enjoy each jump. When I was at the DZ this year team training, plenty of teams were doing 15+ in a day, but you could really see the exhaustion setting in after 10 or 11. I'm off to Elsinore in Oct and expect to do 6 per day and probably pack 4 out of those 6. I think this should mean I get the most enjoyment out of the 2 week holiday. Juz
  11. Hi all, My girlfriend and I are hitting Elsinore in October, looking to arrive at the tail end of Chicks Rock and staying for 2 weeks. If anyone is about to show us the ropes, fancies a few fun jumps, beers (obviously) or is available for FF coaching, please let us know!! Staying at the Casino too, bring on the hot tub! Cheers Juz
  12. Hi, I started last October just after my 40th birthday. My girlfriend started at the same time, she was 49. Age is no barrier. As for the fear, yeah, I was a little scared, it's natural and in fact, now that I have 140 jumps, I think if I didn't have the occasional butterfly, I'd think I was too complacent. Give it a go. Juz
  13. Apologies. My post was not directed at anyone specifically, just hit reply at the bottom. Sorry Juz
  14. http://www.medicine.ox.ac.uk/bandolier/booth/risk/sports.html I cannot access the USPA stuff so cannot comment on accuracy/validity. Juz
  15. To be honest, I don't really see why I want to wear a FF helmet matters, I asked about how to keep it 'unfogged', not for a critique on my kit choice. What's next, someone telling me that my Bevsuit is crap (it's not, it's fab and I love it), that I need a digital alti rather than my analogue or that my Spectre190 only has 7 cells (oh no!!! Really!). But, I don't want to appear ungrateful, so, I want to wear a FF helmet because I suffer really badly from wind burn and chapped lips after a days jumping. By the end of the weekend it can get quite painful even with the use of chap stick and moisturiser. Thanks for the tips that talk to my original question though. Blue Skies Juz