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  1. Hello, im heading to dubai on a holiday at 1st of january and noticed that there is an ifly yunnel overthere. I tried sending them an email through their website asking if they have time slots and a coach that could teach some basic freefly skills but they haven't replied anything. Does anyone of you know any good coaches over at dubai that i could contact?
  2. whoah, thanks for the replies now I have a couple of options to look through!
  3. Hi, I'm heading out from cold Finland into the hopefully sunny florida to pick up my new gear and jump at zephyr hills, but there seems to be one problem. Nearly all the accomodation places listed on their site have no vacancy inside zephyr hills. The closest i could find was in Plant City. I'll be arriving into the us at 22. of february and staying till the 28. I might have a trailer from 25. to 28, but im still missing some dates. Are there other places to stay that arent listed in skydive citys lodging section I could look into? Thanks!
  4. I joined the club at summer and i remember signing a waiver that basically said "I aknowledge that this plane is experimental and is not maintained by a controlled maintenance organization. I also understand it does not have seatbelts" I think atleast in finland the tandem studenys have to be members of the skydiving club that they do their tandem in. Thats why our club looks huge on paper.
  5. I own a freeZR helmet and one thing to note is its shape, the inside shape is not as wide as other helmets, for example cookie G3, so take that into account when figuring out the right size for you.