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  1. flyngrudy18


    I' made about 20 jumps with my brand new Zulu 152, and I love it. On head opening, but faster than Pilot, very light pressure on toggle, make a big difference after a full jumping day on my arms, very reactive, especially when I' remove the slider ( I' suggest to spend that 250$ more for the removable slider ), the canopy becomes more reactive on harness input, and more fun to fly, is fast, but recover very well from long spot, and its also forgiving compared to Katana and Crossfire. My wingload is 1.3:1, which makes possible to use also with wingsuit. Going higher WL, the canopy becomes the best non cross-braced elliptical canopy, of course, this is not the best for wingsuiting.Is the best canopy I've flown, up to date, now, once I' deploy the fun continuos, flying this beautiful parachute.
  2. I' recently moved to Cozumel, Mexico, therefore, when I see that the dropzone is owned by Skydivemex, who organize the Pachangon Boogie every year, included last year in Playa, and they have a fast Caravan with 900hp. I called them to jump, the answer was: this company do only tandem, because of the limited landing area. I replied: why you don't say it on your website and facebook page as well? Why making people wasting time to contact you? The operator reply if you like I' will tell to the web manager. My reply: do whatever you want, for sure my friends here, they won't come to make their first tandem there. I'm heading to the only real dropzone in Mexico: Skudive Cuatla, where I've already jump, in Puerto Escondido last year. Don't waste you time with them, if any dropzone want make tandem only, just say it, like in Key West, Florida. That's it.
  3. I' bought my Curv in 2013, it's my second rig, before I' had a Mirage G4. I' love my rig, it stay attached to the body during free-fly moves, and is very confortable. My next rig will be another Curv, period. Rudy D'Alessandro
  4. That's a good answer. take your time, canopy progression need long, and there's no hurry. Enjoy the skydive in all the aspects. Rudy D'Alessandro
  5. Aerograd Kolomna has everything you need to have a skydiving vacation, from the hotel on the place, with bar and restaurant, 4 active fast twin props engine, the LET L410, confortable and fast, a beatiful MI8 chopper,( they have also a Porter but they don't fly it ), from where I' made the first chopper jump at 13000ft, for 13 euro ( 15 dollar ) jump ticket, and just anything you want at a dz. Also 2 tunnel, Freezone Indoor Skydiving, at one hour driving. If you consider the cab cost you 50 euro ( 60 dollar ) for one hour ride, if you share with friends is really affordable. On top of that, for an european or north american the price are excellent, for both jump ticket and tunnel-time. I' also made my First Flight Course for Wingsuit. If you are training with your team, the low cost tickets make a big difference for your budget. The only negative thing I' can say was the fact to be " alone" because I' don't speak Russian, otherwise the locals are cool. If you are in Europe, it worth the trip.
  6. I' started wingsuit at Aerograd Kolomna, Russia, and I've used the Phantom 3 for my first 12 ws jumps. Easy to fly, and good performance compared to another suit, I've used in Italy, a Crossbow from Parasport. The Phantom 3 is an intermediate suit that fit also student at first flight.
  7. This review is about the End of Year boogie, in Puerto Escondido, organized by Skydive Cuatla, it was amazing, I'll definitely going back this Christmas again. The dz is located in Playa Zicatela, and they use vans to carry jumpers at local international airport, where we use to take off, the landing area is the beach. The weather were fantastic, even thought very hot, we has the fastest Otter I' ve jumped from and a beautiful Skyvan with electric gate. The Load Organizers were amazing, for all disciplines, everything is walking distance, good mexican food and cheap mojitos. If you are looking for the next New Year Boogie, that's the right one. Cons: very hot ( 35 C ) and landing on beach, which not everyone likes. ( I' do love it ).
  8. This is my second review of Skydive Deland, I' choose to travel there, with my couch because the possibility to make 6 or 7 jumps per day, also during weekdays. Deland is considered the capital in the skydiving world, thanks to the parachute industry there, and the good weather during the winter, which makes very appealing to the team from all around the world, during the last visit there were there the China teams 4-FSm male and female, and Qatar crew training, plus the local jumpers, tandem and foreigners, I' made 6 jumps per day easily. During the slow day they run the PAC, when get busier they start the Otter, the Skyvan fly only when the military are training there. The dz offer all services, all packers have the rigging-ticket, the bar-restaurant is probably the best among dz, and there are a tons of couches available, for all disciplines, from FS to free-fly, to canopy couch. The city of Deland is 45 minutes from Orlando airport, and offer great choice of lodging, at all prices, vast variety of restaurant, and a lovely historic downtown to walk after jump, while if you go to Sebastian, for example, the cost of a room in town is over 100 dollar easily. Camping at dz is free.This is important for those on budget like me. The only cons is the lack of a free-fly load organizer, at least during the weekend, and summer time, like anywhere else in Florida, the heat is unbearable, with high humidity.
  9. When I' say the friendliest dz I've been we have to consider that I' was lucky to travel all around the USA and Italy, visiting the local dz and my home dz is Skydive Sebastian which is famous to be friendly, but, Z-Hills take the friendliness to the next level. I' was there in may, a nice sunny and hot weekend and was simply nice. The first jump was an 8-way - 4 points worth for my C Licence, than we had hoola-hoop jump, some 4 way and a little free-fly, than I' become a Muff Brother, a local tradition, which has a long history. I' met a woman, which I' cannot remember her name, which look at me, wearing my Tonfly jumpsuit and another guy, and she took us head-down with her, what can I' say more? Technically speaking, they run an Otter in summer, and up to 3 planes in cold season, they have good packers, gear store, rigging service, swoop pound and a good bar to have a beer after jumping. The only cons is the limited food service and the high humidity during the summer. I' do raccomand it? YES>
  10. flyngrudy18

    Skydive Miami

    My first time there, in spring of 2013 wasn't the best experience, because of the long waiting time to get on a load. Few weeks ago I' decided to return there ( I' use to jump at Skydive Sebastian ) because of the short distance, ( 32 miles - 40 minutes ) from my home, in Doral ( Miami West side ). Also, now I've find out over Facebook a group of Free Flyers named Miami Freefly, ( this is my favourite discipline ). The issue of slow turnaround can be eased by pre-planning your day of jump with your friends, to make sure you will be on all loads you want to be, so, the Caravan climb fast, ( when it lands, the pilot need to wait the van returning from the landing area to carry the tandem instructors and/or the videographers ) the landing area is good, and, with experience now ( 439 jumps ) I've noted that, in case of cutaway, and you are low, you still have a lot of fields to land, just aim the center for the field, because on side there are power lines, water canal, fences, etc. and you are safe, while in Sebastian is not that easy, you may find yourself on top of a neiborhood. They have packers and rigging service. Now also a truck food close by, if you want have some launch. You won't find famous Load Organizers, but the community is growing well. In my personal case, I'm saving about 900 dollars per month, of gas, toll and hotel fee, considering 3 weekend out of 4, in a month. At end of days, is the people who meet there to jump that make the difference. Remember: wingsuiting is not allowed. Who cares?
  11. I' had the opportunity to jump at Skydive Spaceland, Rosharon last Sunday, it was a really good experience. Starting with manifest staff, the jumpers, packers, everybody was very friendly, and make me feel welcome. That day they have only one Otter running, the turn around was fast enough, they have a nice swoop pond, and a good green landing area. In simple words: a nice dropzone, if you are in Texas, a must place to jump.
  12. I' have been there only one day, I' made 3 jumps. You can feel the friendly and relaxing atmosphere as soon to walk in, from the manifest, manager and jumpers. Once I' was on plane, climbing at altitude I' realized why the call it Lake Wales: there are a lot of water pond everywhere. The landing area is good, the packer they working very good. The only downside is the fact there's no food and beverage facilities on place.
  13. I' had a short visit, I' made only 3 jumps but I' had really good vibes about that dz. The waiver does not require any recording ( see Elsinore) but they have no such hot girl on staff on that day. The aircraft fleet is excellent, the landing area is good as well. The main difference with Elsinore they have a restaurant and full bar, with a swimming poll outdoor, in case you are travelling with children. There's also a tunnel on place, the day I' went there was closed, I' can say much about it. It was a short visit, but I' had a very good impression about the dz. The current jump ticket is 27 dollar at 13K.
  14. Skydive Elsinore is lovely dz. Once I' have reached the manifest I' noted the their staff: all beautiful girls, very friendly and helpful, a good start. The curious thing was the waiver: before signing the video recoding, and you have to read loudly the final part, stating:I' have carefully read and understood this document, and say your name and date. They say "that's California", but the day after in Perris was not required such procedure. The planes are good, fitted with heating system and benches, making to ride to the altitude comfortable, considering the low temperature in February. They have good professional coaches and organizer, also the packer work very fast and ensure you have nice, smooth opening. Overhaul I' had a grat day, 7 jumps, enjoy the view of Elsinore Lake. The landing area is big, and, in case you land far from the packing area (like me) they have a van to pick you up. The only downside is the fact there's no a food and bar facilities other than a trolley which sells some snacks. Personally I' don't care if the dz does not sell alcohol, but having an hot coffee when is cold, or cold drinks during the hot season make the difference. For those who can travel like myself, Skydive Elsinore is must dz to visit.