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  1. Agreed we need to elect people willing to do the tough job. Revamp the tax system and no loop holds, no grants no corporate welfare programs!
  2. I don't know how true that is, but they are beholding to the stock holders. I know I worked for a major oil company and invested in stock. I just retired at age 59 yrs 6 mo and with a little luck should be able to pay myself the rest of my life. If the stock wasn't making money I would either still be working or would have invested in other stocks. If too many started investing in other stock then the company would have been in great financial trouble. It's a balancing act for sure. The biggest problem isn't even paying the taxes, it's the tax code. The tax codes are so complicated companies have to hire lawyers and accountants just for taxes. They pay millions a year just to comply with the tax laws. I think if we just simplified the tax code it would help a lot.
  3. Well you might have me on this one. But hey there were dinosaurs....they're big critters right? You just didn't go back far enough. I have to admit I've never been in that part of the country.
  4. That was an executive order the law came from the Taylor grazing act of 1934. The fact is all of the ranchers quit paying grazing fees all 53 of them. Just all the others folded up and went out of business. The problem and why they stopped paying grazing fees was because the government started reducing the amount of cattle on the permits. The ranchers couldn't stay in business. This after they had spent years building a business that was authorized by the government. The old saying is true and government that gives you all you need has the power to take everything you have. As for welfare cowboy now i find that funny. He would be the only welfare recipient the liberals ever didn't like. Keep in mind the permits were being restricted because of a tortoise that wasn't even endangered. You know go back some years and look at the same land. There were buffalo as far as the eye could see. There were elk and deer and antelope as well. The poor little desert tortoise had to make it with the big boys or die. Men killed off all the buffalo and now cattle range the same land, except there are no where near as many. But hey the government needs to step in and take care of the tortoise. They abuse the law all the time by claiming endangered species exist and then throw all the people off the land. It has to be stopped and I will stand to stop it.
  5. This is going to be hard to write in just a few lines. Bundy paid grazing fees for years, with those fees came permits. The BLM starting limiting permits, kicking cattle off the land. This after ranchers paying fees for years and with permits erecting fences and other land improvements. Then using the endangered species act the government really went nuts. Now imagine you've paid your fees you've done the right thing and they put you out of business anyway. All in the name of a desert tortoise that you know is not endangered. The endangered species act is one of the most abused (laws) in this country. Just because it's law doesn't make it right. Court rulings are overturned all the time. Even the supreme court does't always agree with decisions of 5 to 4 in most cases.
  6. Yes without a doubt. I think there will be a lot more discussion before it's over. Poor Ronnie still fading heat. Grazing fees were started by the Taylor grazing act of 1934. This is when a bill introduced by Edward T. Taylor became law. Oh and just because you made it political Taylor was a democrat.
  7. Exactly this is the kind of thing causing the problems. The BLM is constantly changing the rules and often for idiotic reasons. Locking cattle out of the water is saving the water quality right? Give me a break, this water is used by Elk, Pronghorn and even Mule deer. So they locked out all the wild animals that need the water source way to go great management. So Deer, Elk and Antelope use the water source but a few cows are going to destroy it I don't think so. This is all about government control.
  8. I have no Idea what you're getting at to be honest. You found a racist, the citizens rightfully called for him to resign. I don't think the commissioner was playing any card, it's the way he feels. He wasn't claiming anything for a cause or group it's his personal feelings.
  9. Ah CNN you know I remember when they came online. Back when they were actually a news agency. Back when Jessica McClure was trapped in the well, I watched CNN for hours and even as the hours turned into days. I cheered with the whole country when they finally rescued that little 18 month old child from the well. Used to love that station, not so much these days.
  10. Thanks I'll take both as a compliment, but I'm ready to retire so I guess I missed my calling. Oh I spent pretty much all day at L.S.U. for my nephews graduation ceremony. After talking with many folks over there it seems as a country we really are more divided then ever before. Well possibly with the exception of the civil war.The good news is if liberals, conservatives and libertarians could have civil discourse at LSU there is hope for our great republic.
  11. I thought I made myself clear it can't be answered because liberals claim all republicans are racist.
  12. So Reid lied and I didn't that simple
  13. This is one of the biggest problems right here. Racist is used so often and for such ridiculous reasons it no longer bears much meaning to me at all. If I said I wanted to end welfare would I be a racist? Only if I were a republican, now people are even saying republicans are using code words. Like (and this would actually be funny if not so pathetic) welfare, Chicago, food stamps, and of course the list goes on. Congressman Jim Clyburn actually said the whole english language is racist created by slave owners. Congresswoman Marcia Fudge said “If the language is being used to criticize a black person then we must deem such language to be irreparably and irrevocably racist,” So anyone that disagrees with their politics and actually has the audacity to say so is a racist. The word no longer means anything to me.
  14. Typical liberal response resort to name calling as if it changes the facts. To infer I'm a liar would be insulting if not coming from a liberal. Harry Reid stood on the senate floor and said Mitt Romney paid no taxes for ten years. Here's a link if you would like to see it for yourself. That was just one of many bold face lies