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  1. anyone know of some dz´s in belem, brazil? found a nice one in manaus and belem seems better off from what i can tell of the city (at first glance anyways) let me know, thnx
  2. smak

    Skydive Amazonas

    Great little dz in the amazon, pretty close to the airport. Cab from the airport is like a flat rate of $50 reals so if you´re not renting a car then take the green 306 bus ($1.80 reals) a good 10 mins down the main road, ask senior bus driver or the attendant to let you know where the aeroclub stop is and you´re golden. A beutiful scenic (and exciting, heh) ride to altitude and drop dead visuals of the amazon + rio negro and rio solomon combining (or not) good size landing zone with some outs and few real hazards.. be sure to check ahead as there are often boogies in boa vista and surrounding areas which kills acivity locally. weekends are best bet but if you stop by weekdays you might get lucky and scrounge enough ppl together for a load or two in the afternoon. $85 reals to 12,000ft.. 8 or so to fill a load. very hospitable and friendly crowd, if you are in the area check this dz out!
  3. not dissing breakdancing by any means.. it's a technical and impressive discipline but if you step into the path of a breakdancers windmill or try to push them over during some other movement, do you think they would manage to recover? what about recover with grace? what about manage to evade, counter and end up behind you prepared to sweep your feet to the ground if they choose? breakdancing just doesent have the depth, although i respect the strength, agility.. and co-ordination it develops. oh and bd, dont be down about getting busted up by a lowley boxer. the art of boxing is so underrated its crazy.
  4. i wouldent say capoeira and breakdancing go hand in hand, heh.. there are stories (with basis) of breakdancing having its origins rooted in capoeira but i'd say they are only very similar to the untrained eye. capoeira stresses spacial and physical awareness, as well as cunning and flow. i'd check it out if you get a chance. there are a few good groups in the bay area, pm if you would like some more info.
  5. has anyone seen this before? a first for me but i came across it on a forum i frequent thats totally unrelated to skydiving or music ;P go figure
  6. + =
  7. they are a bit pricey, but i just got a set of Etymotic ER-6's for my long motorcycle rides. they are actually headphones that double as ear plugs.. provide upto 20db of isolation and have excellent sound quality even over the drone of my hindle exaust can on my fzr400 (easily 95+db at highway rpm.) i plan on trying them at the dz soon. they have a barometric release feature too, which is supposed to release pressure as it builds in the ear canal. should be ideal if they work fast enough. you can check them at i'll keep you posted after the weekend on their performance at altitude.
  8. bridges and hindu pushups might sort you out.
  10. Does Kirk know you chopped his logo up like that? ;P I dont think Beastie is covered by the GPL. But now that you have our attention, how did the jump go? Did you IAD or build some speed? Any insight for future attempts?
  12. boil up a bunch of rosemary in a pot of water for 15 mins or so.. let the water get good and dark, then remove the rosemary and let the water cool. apply that to the affected area and it should help. if that doesent do the trick i'd reach for the tea tree oil.
  13.,6903,754911,00.html anyone know what kind of gear this guy will be packing? ;)