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  1. wow, i´m a little dissappointed to be honest! about 200 viewed my post, but only about 20 klicked the video! you really seamed to be annoyed by this voting stuff! you don´t have to actually "watch" the video, its quite enough to klick it and walk away from your computer or open a new tab! anyway, thanks to all, who supported me! greetings
  2. Ok, this might be a reason! i´m sorry for that! but don´t hate the player, hate the game !
  3. Yes, i know, and i don´t want to rub your noses in it, i just want the support of people who share the same hobby! so please don´t get it the wrong way! i hope you´ll support me anyway! of course, its only the charges for the jumps! time is not the problem, money is ! its level 1-7 btw. Thanks and greetings
  4. Thanks for your suggestions, i already have a part-time job! its quite a lot of money for me anyway! Is it so condemnable to benefit from the opportunity to get it for free? Greetings
  5. Hey there guys, some of you might already have heard of the issue of my post! I did my first tandem 2 months ago and got the opportunity to win a sponsored AFF-license with the most views of my tandem video on youtube. I was absolutely fascinated by the sport and the feeling of the free fall! The possibility of the sponsoring is so important to me, because i am a student and can´t afford the licence right now! So all of you please watch my video, and those who have already seen it, please watch it again! I want the license so bad! Thanks a lot for your support! Blue skies! Chris ps: comments and tips are welcome!
  6. Hey there guys! Unfortunately, i´m not the only one who wants to get this free licence ;)! so please see my video again! i appreciate that! Thanks! Thinking about paying a round for each 10 views per person, but it could be difficult to deliver all that beer to the US !
  7. Hey there! i can´t believe it! this works better than i thougt! just passed the 1000 views bound and reached the 2nd place
  8. Wow, you guys are awesome! My video gained over 150 views over night
  9. Hey guys, I´m new to this forum and to skydiving! I did my first dive 4 weeks ago from 4000 meters and it was absolutely amazing!!!!! Cant wait to do it again and to get my AFF licence! Unfortunately i´m a student and cant afford the licence at the moment! Here´s the deal you can help me with: The dropzone i visited published my video on youtube. The guy with the most views gets a free AFF License!!! So please support me with my wish to get the license an see my video! Thanks a lot!! Greetings cmos85