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  1. I had just turned 30. Skydiving really does make you feel younger! My bank account & diet are just like when I was 21!
  2. Good choice on the Wings, and a big +1 to Chutingstar. Rick, Mike, and Laura were a pleasure when I bought a Wings with the 40% off discount.
  3. My Sabre2 170 at 1:1 takes 500-700 feet to open, nice and comfortable but not too slow. Every 10 jumps or so it will open a little quicker, but it hasn't spanked me (yet).
  4. Awesome - love his music. Most of his songs speak intelligently about real issues, unlike 99% of the other rap on the market. He is talented for sure.
  5. I thought so as well, it is at least stated by Aviacom that they are still allowed in Mirage, Wings, Dolphin, Racer, Infinity, Next and Basik. I have an Argus in one of my two Wings containers, and honestly I really enjoy the datalogging features - it is used for more than just an emergency device. True you cannot buy them new anymore, but I assumed that OP was going to be looking for something used - and the Argus is extremely available and inexpensive in the used gear market, fitting what he asked for if his container is compatible.
  6. Depending on your container, an Argus might fit your description. The issues with the Argus AAD involved containers where the cutter was mounted on a reserve flap (Icon, Vector, etc) - and in at least one case ended up locking the reserve shut. This can't happen when the cutter is mounted at the bottom of the reserve container (Wings, Javelin, etc). In the rare instance where it doesn't completely cut the loop, the reserve will still work manually - it will act like there is no AAD installed. Current going rate is ~$400 for a new-ish Argus. I am relatively new to the sport, however, so please do your own research (and check where your cutter mounts) before deciding.
  7. I feel your pain - there is a strong emotional connection to your first car. Dang they are hard to let go of! Years after moving on, I bought an identical car to my first - an '82 Datsun Z-car. Man that car was great when I was a teenager, but the 2nd one just wasn't the same. Sometimes it is best to just remember your first car as the awesome machine it was when you were 16!
  8. They might not be needing an IPO anymore. Foxconn just dumped $200 Million into the company:
  9. spage

    Night terrors.

    +1 to the sleep paralysis comments. It is really scary until you learn to recognize when it is happening. It is most likely to happen while sleeping on your back, if this is how you sleep maybe try sleeping on your side or your stomach.
  10. There's one for the logbook! Just log that aircraft as "BFE"
  11. We were glad it didn't come out! It was certainly desirable in this case. The Argus & Racer were both mentioned, so I was just pointing out that I've seen other brands behave the same way.
  12. I know nothing of the incident posted, but have witnessed the exact same thing happen to a Cypres equipped Wings rig. Cypres fired during snivel, and the jumper was under a fully open canopy with a trailing reserve PC. The free bag stayed put until after landing.
  13. Style & Acc seems to be absent from the results tab... am I missing something?
  14. You can select the top option in the canopy drop-down (it is blank) and then type the name of your canopy in the box labeled "other" to the right. Nice to see another Classic jumper on here!