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  1. p.w.stockwell


    Well I only decided to write this review because I read all the reviews already posted here. I have two vengeance 135's my exit weight is 225lb giving a wing loading of 1.67 The Following table is taken from the PD website and it is spot on. As you can see I am loading my vengeance to the MAX that PD recommend for expert, although I wouldn't call myself expert, just very experienced. Model Minimum Student Novice Int. Adv. Expert Max. (do not exceed) Vengeance-089 VLC N/R N/R N/R 107 142 160 Vengeance-097 VLC N/R N/R N/R 116 155 175 Vengeance-107 VLC N/R N/R N/R 128 171 193 Vengeance-120 VLC N/R N/R N/R 144 192 216 Vengeance-135 VLC N/R N/R N/R 162 216 243 Vengeance-150 VLC N/R N/R N/R 180 238 270 Vengeance-170 VLC N/R N/R 136 204 255 285 I have 5000 jumps and over 2000 of those were done on my Vengeance canopy's. I originally bought the vengeance as what was at the time suggested to be the replacement for the Stiletto promising better performance in turbulence. I fell in love with it and purchased a second identical canopy for my second rig. The vengeance proved to be ideal as a canopy for camera. Working full time as a cameraman I needed a canopy that would get me down fast so I could film Tandem landings. That would open softly so I didn't break my neck and would cope with testing conditions. The Vengeance does all of that and more it has got me back from insane spots. It will stay up if kept on brakes. It will spiral like a demon. It will swoop from a straight in approach. It will stay inflated in the most turbulent conditions. As far as the opening go the only time I ever had funky opening was when a packer started getting creative and wrapping stabilizers around brake lines. Less is more when it comes to packing. 1) Nose straight down the front, do not push it back. 2)Clear the material inside the canopy either side into the stabilizers symmetrically. 3) Quarter the slider so it shows a little in front of the nose. 4) Flake the tail, don't start folding it back around brake lines 5) bring the tail up and wrap it around, roll it nice a tight to get really gentle openings Sure it is a high performance canopy it is meant to react quickly to small inputs so you do need to fly the opening. Be aware of your body position feel the way the harness loads up during opening and be ready on the back risers. The canopy will react to small inputs and if you are not being to inventive with your packing, I pretty much guarantee those small inputs are coming from you. If the vengeance didn't open well I couldn't have done over 2000 camera jumps with it. Above all I still find my vengeance is just fun to fly. (Cant understand why they stopped making the Vengeance while still manufacturing the Spinetto oh sorry I mean Stiletto LOL).