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    Exit Positions for C182

    not sure how everybody else uses the term, but I have heard floater pretain more to your position relative to the formation and not in particular relative to a cessna exit. there are many ways to exit from a cessna. my favorite way is to grab the side near the bottom of the door with my right hand and stick my right foot on the step while my body hangs somewhat under the plane. It makes for an interesting angle and plenty of space for others to get out on the step (just hope they dont accidentally step on your hand!!!!). I also like to get out as far as possible with my back to the wind facing backwards and hang on to the strut and sitfly off the plane. Since you are planning on your coach rating why dont YOU diagram the different ways to exit a cessna??? Peace!!!
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    sweet this one is even better than your last post.
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    The new super wingsuit

  4. 5.samadhi

    Skydiving employee fined by FAA

    ouch that fine hurts
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    When is it safe to downsize?

    why do you want to downsize?
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    The ultimate wingsuit rodeo dive

    is it real??? Whats going on???????
  7. 5.samadhi

    Skydive over Royan, France

    looks like fun!
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    2 Cannon's?

    canon what???
  9. 5.samadhi

    Best rig for V4 Wingsuit

    any modern container that would hold a Flik Ultralite 225 (freepacked packs around a 135-150) and a PD optimum 126 would be my choice for a wingsuit rig. never flew a V4 (fly V2). what about V4 think there is something unique about it different from other larger wingsuits???
  10. 5.samadhi

    Pulse @ 1.3

    stupid reason to load yourself on a canopy that would kill you with the wrong split second decision. don't let your desired container dictate how fast things happen during an in-flight emergency (like somebody cutting you off on final).
  11. 5.samadhi

    Open corners on G4

    I unstitched completely and am dissatisfied with how the container looks when closed now. It looks like a fat woman squeezed into a tight tank top. An inch or two stitched at the bottom is better as it maintains conformity of the pack tray better. I did notice going from the standard factory stitching to completely open made my openings a lot sweeter!
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    Think Purple

    i dont get it, do you like purple? my v2 is purple and my rig is purple/grey...total coincidence
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    I would take it with me carryon that way if there is an emergency you can pull the exit and hope for the best I have already discussed doing a Mr. Bill with my girlfriend if she is with me.
  14. 5.samadhi

    T-Shirt fun

    haha thats awesome!
  15. 5.samadhi

    Swoop Training (90s)

    what happens with you and the fence if you have to abort your 90 left because you're too low?
  16. 5.samadhi

    USPA WSI - Another Option

    why include the rating, why not have USPA continue to compile information about safe wingsuiting (like the BSRs) and come up with a standardized FFC. Then experienced wingsuiters will have a manual that they all agree on that they can teach from. No need for ratings at all. Let the dropzones decide on a local level who is experienced enough to teach their own skydivers how to wingsuit skydive.
  17. 5.samadhi

    Squirrel Suits

    why hype the site before there is even a picture of the wingsuit they want to sell?
  18. 5.samadhi

    My Struggle & Journey (advice needed)

    why jump if its not fun?
  19. if my first post was not clear enough the mod I was thinking about on the Vampire2 was cutting from the wrist to the body of the suit on the arm wings (basically reducing the arm wing by 4 inches removing the gripper) and then sewing the arm wing closed again. I'm not contemplating actually doing this at this point, but rather the theory behind what it would do to the suit. I strive for distance and ease of deployment. I do not care at all about range for the suit, or time/descent rate. All I practice wingsuiting for is to take them off of objects and to get good object separation when I do. (just to clarify my desideratum for a wingsuit is different than typical). thanks for your thoughts! peace!
  20. have you tried jumping with smoke pants? (search for this idea if you dont know what it is) homemade tracking suit basically. It provides a lot more drive on tracking...and is cheap as a pair of rain pants and rain jacket and some time reinforcing the stitching and cutting vents (I burned vents). I would love to someday use a flysight and compare smoke pants with a professionally made track suit...i guess they might be somewhat in the same ballpark...but thats just guessing.
  21. nobody is familiar with this??? damn and here I am not tech savvy enough to understand the manual Does anybody know of any other smartphone app that can function as an audible altimeter and (preferably also) GPS glide ratio tool??? I prefer to have earphones in and have a clear announcement of every 1-2k feet altitude loss (kinda like I hear the new neptune can do).