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  1. yeah, he's got multiple skydiving instructor ratings and is a BASE gear manufacturer now as a matter of fact.
  2. ^ I know somebody who had a premature deployment in a sitfly that has permanently handicapped them (ripped their rotator cuff really bad).
  3. Do you have much experience packing? Perhaps you are doing something wrong with the packing process. Maybe go through a packjob with a rigger or experienced packer to let them see if you are doing anything wrong with the packjob, stows, etc. That said I have heard many times of spectres giving hard as shit openings and nobody having any substantive reason to give for that happening...I think they just open like shit sometimes.
  4. is it a CYA type thing from a legal standpoint or is there a more important reason behind having some paper trail? just curious
  5. i'm only speculating too but it was like shooting a fish in a barrel.
  6. oh I agree I'd love to see it. It could be insightful and also a warning for people to not jump in high winds!!!
  7. not sure how everybody else uses the term, but I have heard floater pretain more to your position relative to the formation and not in particular relative to a cessna exit. there are many ways to exit from a cessna. my favorite way is to grab the side near the bottom of the door with my right hand and stick my right foot on the step while my body hangs somewhat under the plane. It makes for an interesting angle and plenty of space for others to get out on the step (just hope they dont accidentally step on your hand!!!!). I also like to get out as far as possible with my back to the wind facing backwards and hang on to the strut and sitfly off the plane. Since you are planning on your coach rating why dont YOU diagram the different ways to exit a cessna??? Peace!!!
  8. really enjoyable video thanks for sharing with us!
  9. Im laughing at this thread.. DocPop Kallend and Davelepka thrown into a room together...
  10. can you please explain what needing your rears means to you? I am interested. thanks and cheers to this thread for the information
  11. So let me get this straight, you believe that no one will tell you what you want to hear because it is a vast conspiracy to pad the profits of the canopy manufactures? Right... Thats a little dramatic
  12. pretty sure that Tony has listened to that weird german girl and he is making his wingsuits in an extra large size designed for soaring near cliffs.
  13. Obviously the answer is letter A. If you hit the tail you will not be maximizing performance of the wingsuit (because you will probably be tumbling in a bloody mess), so whatever is maximizing performance entails that you will not hit the tail.
  14. how much is AFF lvl 1 usually like 200 bucks? Well that is 3 slots for 75 dollars. Gear rental for 25 dollars, that leaves 100 dollars. 40 dollars each instructor and that leaves 20 dollars for the dropzone. Levels with 1 instructor should reflect a 65 dollar drop in price (slot of instructor + instructor pay). seems fair to me...isnt that how most dropzones work it out?
  15. you won't be able to swoop anymore just like all those people flying stilettos can't swoop anymore.
  16. I fly booties when I am flying on my belly and I find that after awhile of using them I dont really fly with my arms anymore. I just keep my arms tucked up close to me so I can take a dock easily and plus it has the added benefit of feeling much more stable in my shoulder (which is an old injury). I totally use my legs to turn, drive forward/back, etc. could I do this without booties? Yes, but the booties make the movements much more powerful. When you are confident in your ability you can use that power. For awhile you won't be able to max out your power in the sky...like a beginner weight lifter kinda...but after awhile you will train your ability to use power. Fun part is it is a lifetime training process nobody is ever finished!
  17. Only if you want cheap flights and on site trailer yeah true I guess...I guess people's lives are more secure than my own I'm just trying to figure out how to survive through the winter
  18. damn thats a long way away do people really make plans for something like april at this time of year???