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  1. I've got 70 jumps bra! im so on top of my sh!t.... That right there is a situation i have no issue sitting back down and waiting for the next load, letting a JM know whats going on and chill out. He'll punch his ticket some day....hopefully not in this sport. Mostly military HALO/HAHO with civiian fun on the side
  2. Frankly never read Cmdr. Marcinko's books after finishing Rogue Warrior. After i became an Operator his attitude didn't correspond to what i was seeking out as a way to act, or think. But to answer the question...nope, no scars or tears or fissures or fractures...or...damage to chute, well besides crashing in it. Mostly military HALO/HAHO with civiian fun on the side
  3. fissures? Mostly military HALO/HAHO with civiian fun on the side
  4. Jumping a lot of Military HAHO/HALO can get squirrely. Mine was jump number...26: 13,000ft exit 11pm HALO grouping jump training. We were wearing MT-XX chutes at 370sq/ft, O2 masks, M4's, and Rucks with about 50-65lbs. Ruck is front mounted. I was first out the door, exit went cool, turned on my southern heading and sat 'flat dumb n' happy' (which is all you want to do with all that junk on you). Locked on to my altimeter at 6k waved stable at 5.5 and pulled the cord at ~5...and then it gets funky. MT's have spring loaded pilots that can bounce around in a burble from a jumper with a lot of gear on...well mine did and bounced its happy ass right around my right arm and then proceeded to lock that arm above me and to my right (effectively allowing a side and back slip with slight feet down positioning) immediately i did the holy shit moment and looked down for the cutaway and reserve. Then it got more fun, the main stayed in it's bag but a few stows came undone (for whatever the reason) and spaghettied around me and my face....great now this is happening. grabbed with my left hand for the cutaway (wearing flight gloves) managed to find my O2 masked blocked the view whoopie...found a piece of my main lift web...wrong! one more time and grabbed O2 hose...wrong again (im a dead man) then a Cypress saves my ass. I looked above my head to see a reserve clean above and the lines looking like an hourglass (the main lines wrapped up the center of the lines) no break release for me i looked for the DZ and it was over the left shoulder, grabbed the left riser and pulled for a turn and saw a scary thing (only been in the air a few seconds) i was about to hit a mountain....No PLF, just OH SHIT...WHAP!! ground and bounce and bounce and bounce...and then i hit the road Wylee Coyote style legs out in front of me and reserve calmly settling at my feet, i was fine so i gathered all that up and as i got it in my hands a car comes around the hairpin corner and nearly hits me....JESUS! all that and a car almost clobbers me...Anyways i had a sprained ankle, lines all over me, the ruck still attached, and one of my 9 lives missing...scary night for me. Mostly military HALO/HAHO with civiian fun on the side