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  1. is also still jumping, he introduced me into wingsuiting 2015
  2. I had a Problem with linetwists quite often and some Point I realized that I always looked up during opening and that this had helped to Twist somehow. Since then I stopped looking up during opening and had no Twist anymore (sure hope it stays this way ;-) )
  3. but don't Forget to use it with your 69 valkyre or so... but seriously, it will take a 'couple' of jumps before you can jump the suit safe... on Phoenix Fly Website it says: 'We recommend a MINIMUM of 250 wingsuit jumps before trying the Vampire'
  4. My first jump was not planned at all. I got my first big paycheck and still had 800 € left to spend so I figured on a Saturday night at about 2 am I want to do something one-time-only with my Money! After searching for some fun activities I ended up with a Budget of 200 € for this one time only Thing and ended up on a page where there was a tandemskydive for 199 € (so right in the Budget!) After thinking a Long time about it I ordered the jump 2 minutes later and set a date in 3 weeks. After that I pretty much didn't think about the jump until one day before the jump and had to look up where I had to go the next morning. At the DZ I had no clue what I was going to do, got my instructions and had to wait a couple of hours cause of bad weather... (was complety cloudy) In the plane I was thinking what the heck am I doing here?! and then we jumped and it was incredible! I knew it was not a one time Thing for sure! Well after that I was on adrenaline for a few days and ended up doing 4 more Tandem jumps, just because I had worked on 400 € a month and couldn't afford the AFF. After my 5th Tandem a skydiver came up to me and told me that I was no longer allowed to tandem there and that he wants to see me in the next aff. (This was in the winter time) A few month later he wrote me on fb that there is an AFF starting next month so I signed up for it and since then I've been jumping
  5. 001 - 013 240sqft Navigator 0,7 014 - 038 220sqft Navigator 0,8 039 - 041 190sqft Cayenne Light 0,9 042 - 047 170sqft Cayenne Light 1,0 048 - 080 170sqft Sabre2 1,0 081 - 182 150sqft Sabre2 1,1 183 - now (~360) 135sqft Sabre2 1,3 was already thinking about going down to a 120sqft Sabre 2 but I am flying my wingsuit now so I prefer a bit bigger chute