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  1. QUOTE""If the cutter is located anywhere else than bellow the free bag, there is a possibility of the reserve being locked in the container should the cutter fail to cut the loop and pinch it. Given that is the case, why not put the cutter on top of the reserve flap, between the pin and the flap?""END QUOTE (im quite new to the sport ,so please keep that in mind.) Are you refering to the last reserve flap that the closing loop passes trough ...placing the cutter on top of the gromet and then having the pin sit on top of the cutter ??? if so ,i fail to see any advantage (if the cutter fails to cut and traps the loop).pulling the pin manually would do no good. And if you have the cutter on top of the pin somehow ...same problem arises if the cutter fails to cut the loop and traps it . my 2 cents worth ...which with the exchange rate is worth...
  2. This is not a two out situation ,but when you think of the wing loading ....anyway food for tought . heres the video of the skyhawks taking it very low and even turning before seperation . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYlqRf_56Y0
  3. i think most canadians have bought there first rig from the states ,so much more selection . As has been stated pay trought paylpal no exceptions (and not as a gift). Learn all you can about self clear (as chris said),if its coming groud you need to get the shipper to say you wanna self clear . Ask ALL the possible questions ,dont be affraid to be annoying ,i.e.:Does the main have patches or holes,condition of EVERYTHING. I tryed to do my fisrt purchase on my own ,bought a complete rig ,got lucky enough to pay trough paypal and ask the right questions .cause when i received my gear the main was a p.o.s. car cover .(i payed too much too). DECI helped me out alot trought the whole process of returning it and getting my money back ,even from cbsa .After that he was extremelly patient with all my questions and inquiry's on my subsequent purchases .Even got me to save about 500$ . THANKS AGAIN BUDDY lesson here is get help from a rigger you trust
  4. this is static line but a good point of view ...probably would feel like the first jump all over again.