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  1. Why? I'm told that back in the old days when flat-packing was the norm, that pro-packing was considered weird. Maybe it's just a matter of what you're used to, that neither method is weird, and just because one is not used to a certain technique, is not a good justification to call it weird.
  2. Hey, lookie what I found on the interweb. I've run across this guys stuff in old Skydiving news magazines. "America is Obama’s Vietnam" Ever since the last helicopter left Saigon, the specter of “another Vietnam” has haunted most American presidents who used force abroad. Ronald Reagan’s efforts in the Caribbean Rim were likened to another Vietnam. George H.W. Bush heard the same mantra during the Gulf War (though not for long). There were even “is this another Vietnam?” questions percolating during Bill Clinton’s Kosovo action. More recently, people talked for years that Iraqwas George W. Bush’s Vietnam, and talked on after Barack Hussein Obama became president that Afghanistan might become his Vietnam. The good news? It’s not. The bad news? He ended up mired in his own Vietnam anyway and the even worse news is that the village he’s destroying to save is our own. Obama’s Vietnam is America.
  3. Mothra

    LayZee day~

    Dang, you're right! He's using some kind of secret code on us! That squiggle symbolizes "approximately" in math equations. So maybe he's just all wishy-washy about his subject titles.
  4. Yikes! I think maybe they should shut down the prison metal shop.
  5. Aha! Now there's a hot tip for me to try and avoid all this burdensome budwieser beer debt. I'll endeavor to remove that word from my language around the jump zone. Thanks! Although the experienced jumpers there may not appreciate you revealing this tip to me...
  6. It seems there is as much to learn about the social aspects of this sport as there is about actually skydiving.
  7. Oh my. Hand jive. Beer. Boobies. What have I gotten myself into? What else should I be on the lookout for?
  8. Hello jumpers. New gal here, trying to learn the seemingly whacko traditions involved in skydiving. You have graciously explained to me the hand jive stuff everyone does before exit. So next I'm curious about why everyone keeps asking me to buy cases of beer - what's with that?
  9. Thank you mojo. It's nice to meet you too, even if you do sound a bit grumpy.
  10. Shah? Who or what is a "Shah"?
  11. Um, well I don't care to be on the receiving end of that particular jive. But as long as it's done between consenting adults, I'm okay with that.
  12. Okay, I've straightened out that d license thing. I'm a new jumper, and new to this web site, so I'm still figurin' out how to do things here. Glad everyone's having fun at my expense - that's okay. But yes, I AM Mothra, and I can kick Godzilla's butt, so you should be careful about that.
  13. What's with all this hand-slapping fist-bumping stuff that skydivers do with each other?