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  1. cpg90


    I received my new Vortex this spring and have am thrilled with the quality, safety, appearance, comfort and performance. Match that with a price that is very reasonable – especially when you add in the options – and the Vortex II is a great choice. I found that the rig with options was actually less than the base rig with no options for the other manufacturers. I recomend the back pad and custom embroidery. The back pad with the lateral cut-ins is super comfortable, although it takes 20 or so jumps for the pad to conform to your body. I definitely recommend this option on this rig. Looking a the Vortex it is a pop top but with a proportional tuck-up main flap. I like the tuck-up concept better than other alternatives. I also got double pin stripes on my Vortex, which I haven’t seen on other systems. My only dislike is the Vortex logo looks odd. I suggest you ask to have the Vortex logo in 2 colors as it makes it more interesting. Small thing, I know. The materials and build quality is truly excellent. I’ve noticed that the newer Vortex II’s have great flap coverage. I also like the backpad, new Cypres control position and bottom flap designs. It was delivered within 1 week of the date promised.
  2. Brian, you helped me put these on my risers years ago fo rmy Velo 90 and I've never had a problem. They make collapsing and stowing the slider a clear and staged process. I feel they are a safety improvement because I never struggle with the slider once it is stowed. I see the mechanism (slock) to confirm the position of the slider. Thanks, Bri! -Chris G
  3. cpg90


    I've been jumping the Hurricane 120 for 5 years along with my Velocoty 79 & 90. My wife has been jumping it for 2 years. Its performance is excellent - much better than many of the 9-cells by other manufacturers. I chose the Hurricane after owning and jumping many different canopies. I specifically use the canopy on demos (downtown Bankok with hundreds of canopies) and big dives (357+) that require on heading openings and critical reliability. That is not to say other canopies are not as reliable but cambined with the performace and price, it is what I choose to jump. The Hurricane's openings are on-heading, it flies very nicely, doesn't fall out of the sky and its flare is powerful. I can swoop it and finish with lift to spare - I've jumped some 9 cells where the bottom falls out at the finish. Riser turns are best if you brake the canopy first and then transition to the riser(s). It isn't as fast as my Velocity but it isn't supposed to be (I'm over 195 exit weight). The Hurricaine's openings are MUCH better than the Velo. The HMA lines are great - the spectra lines that came with it required retrimming but I had them replaced with HMA by the factory rep, Louis. I found the Parachute Systems service very good. I'm not sure if other people with service problems didn't contact Louis, but he was prompt and professional. Take a close look at the Hurricane. I've jumped bunches of canopies and have found this one to offer fantastic 9-cell performance.