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  1. andy1

    Stavanger Fallskjermklubb

    Was there at Easter - the mountains and platou's on either side where covered in snow, the valley where the dropzone is was green. Superb views out over the mountains at 12.000ft!! Small dropzone with a C206 turbine that gets up to 12.000ft in 12-15 minutes. Recommended!
  2. andy1

    Throat Mics

    What about motorcycle intercom systems operating on bluetooth? Seems like they might already be optimized for a little wind noise and installation in a helmet?
  3. andy1

    Pilot 140 to Crossfire 139 or 129?

    Hei Seb You're probably going to do this anyway - but check with your HI before you put in an order, just to ensure you don't buy something he won't let you use :)
  4. Here's a link to some statistics - which may or may not be correct :)
  5. andy1

    Canon 550D

    Here's a shot using a canon 400D and a Peleng 8mm - only good for real close inside shots and cool exit shots really :)
  6. andy1

    Foreign AAD requirements

    Norway requires the use of an AAD OR a RSL.
  7. andy1

    Skydive Spain / FreeFall Addicts?

    He he! You've tasted the turkish pepper drink then? Luverly!
  8. andy1

    Skydive Spain / FreeFall Addicts?

    ok RandomLemming - we're travelling on Saturday and I we'll probably turn up on Sunday (depending on how good the party is saturday night ). I'll be the english guy with a group of 6 norwegians ...
  9. andy1

    Skydive Spain / FreeFall Addicts?

    Well, we're taking a trip over for the week 26 aug to 2 sept, and we've been assured that they will have a turbine aircraft there for the week. Not much point traveling to Spain and jumping from a smaller aircraft than we have at home!!
  10. andy1

    cutaway systems for helmets ?

    I'm not replying to anyone in particular in this thread!! I just bought the AirGun cutaway and there is now another part which is not show in the French evaluation. There is a metal sleeve which sits outside of the shaft on the red button. This sleeve contacts the helmet, so I assume this is to releive some of the pressure from the sideways force created when the helmet (body) is hanging from a riser/line. I've no idea how much difference this will make to the release pressure, not having tested it ...
  11. andy1


    ooh ... I'm blushing
  12. andy1


    5 hours? Pah! I've traveled to spaceland twice from Norway ...... Okay, okay - I was working as well - but the weekends were MUCH more enjoyable!
  13. He, he! Not an early jump, but my first exit at 1800ft . As you can see, I was pretty interested in the ground
  14. andy1


    Hei Fudd! I'm jumping a hornet 190 in Stavanger. Let me know when you're downsizing, as I might just be interested, if the price is right! The end of the year would be good for me
  15. andy1

    Your non-US country's reserve cycle

    Norway - 6 months for skydiving reserves Governing body