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  1. GPS satellites are in an almost circular orbit - they are not all at the horizon, but appear at the horizon, rise in the sky on their orbit and then set on the horizon. Altitude is less accurate because you're getting all of the fixes from above (I believe this is what they're trying to explain on the Garmin web page) and because of differences between the reference ellipsoid (GPS model of the earths surface) and the topographic surface (GPS users actual altitude on the surface of the earth) GPS System GPS Altitude
  2. His name was Sangi - he unfortunately gets a mention in quite a lot of threads;
  3. Was there at Easter - the mountains and platou's on either side where covered in snow, the valley where the dropzone is was green. Superb views out over the mountains at 12.000ft!! Small dropzone with a C206 turbine that gets up to 12.000ft in 12-15 minutes. Recommended!
  4. andy1

    Throat Mics

    What about motorcycle intercom systems operating on bluetooth? Seems like they might already be optimized for a little wind noise and installation in a helmet?
  5. Hei Seb You're probably going to do this anyway - but check with your HI before you put in an order, just to ensure you don't buy something he won't let you use :)
  6. Here's a link to some statistics - which may or may not be correct :)
  7. Here's a shot using a canon 400D and a Peleng 8mm - only good for real close inside shots and cool exit shots really :)
  8. Norway requires the use of an AAD OR a RSL.
  9. He he! You've tasted the turkish pepper drink then? Luverly!
  10. ok RandomLemming - we're travelling on Saturday and I we'll probably turn up on Sunday (depending on how good the party is saturday night ). I'll be the english guy with a group of 6 norwegians ...
  11. Well, we're taking a trip over for the week 26 aug to 2 sept, and we've been assured that they will have a turbine aircraft there for the week. Not much point traveling to Spain and jumping from a smaller aircraft than we have at home!!
  12. I'm not replying to anyone in particular in this thread!! I just bought the AirGun cutaway and there is now another part which is not show in the French evaluation. There is a metal sleeve which sits outside of the shaft on the red button. This sleeve contacts the helmet, so I assume this is to releive some of the pressure from the sideways force created when the helmet (body) is hanging from a riser/line. I've no idea how much difference this will make to the release pressure, not having tested it ...
  13. 5 hours? Pah! I've traveled to spaceland twice from Norway ...... Okay, okay - I was working as well - but the weekends were MUCH more enjoyable!
  14. He, he! Not an early jump, but my first exit at 1800ft . As you can see, I was pretty interested in the ground