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  1. OK, quick update: I did 4 jumps on the Sensei 121 today. The openings very definitely faster and not as predictable as the Crossfire. Flight characteristics were very much as expected: faster than the Crossfire, MUCH steeper turns, longer recovery arch, good flare. I do have to agree that 121sf is probably too big for me (I am 205 lbs). It seems that you got to downsize 20% from an elliptical to a x-braced canopy. I will try to test a Xaos 108 and a Sensei 111 in the next week. I'll keep you posted.
  2. Guys - I'm considering to move from a Crossfire II 139 (loaded at 1.65) to a cross-braced canopy. I have +1800 jumps and am very current, so I feel confident that I can handle it. I tested a few cross-braced canopies, but don't have enough data to make a decision. I'm looking into either a Xaos or a Sensei (both around 120sf). Any recommendations? Any other canopy that I should test? Markus