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  1. I don't bow hunt but I shoot competitive archery. Right now archery still beats out skydiving but that could change after i get my license. If you want to learn how to shoot a bow properly, use a recurve. Real archers don't need all those fancy gizmos
  2. Is there still places to do that in the US? I thought there was some rule that donors can't be compensated with money. A place I used to go to would give you 2 movie tickets for donating, which was pretty nice.
  3. I believe that it is getting better with longer ranges. I forget what type of signal it uses but you might get more range on it if the signal is just being transmitted more vertical then with the horizontal distance. I don't really know a whole lot about the whole system but I know the setup is small and light so they can be carried on R/C planes and such.
  4. Sure it could be done. I don't know how the Koren Olympics did it but the general publics answer would be in the R/C community. They have first person video on R/C planes. The pilot wears a head set and sees what the plane sees. They have like a 2km range and some of the video quality is not to bad (less than GoPro) and getting better with every new micro camera release and transmitter upgrade. I think the whole set up is around $200 or so.
  5. SVCO posted this up on their facebook page and thought it was kinda cool.
  6. Thats the same car I learned how to drive with. I think it was an '84 though.
  7. I grew up in the country so I learned how to drive a standard when I was 9 or 10 and didn't experience a automatic till I was 13. I bought my first car when I was 15, an 1986 Audi 4000 S for $175. It had power everything and the real reason I bought it was because of the power sunroof. Also had leather seats and a leather wrapped dash and all of it was in pretty good condition cept for a small tear in the drivers seat. I put close to 60k miles on it before I sold it for $800. It burned about as much oil as gas and I only changed the filter once on it and never really changed the oil. But it was the best winter car I have ever owned. Started no matter how cold it got and South Dakota can get pretty freakin cold. And you had to actually try to make it slide on ice, if you drove normally, it would turn and stop almost like it was on dry pavement. I was a great car for the year or two that I owned it. I have a friend in NYC that doesn't even have a real drivers license. She just has an ID card that the state can issue.
  8. I've personally met the guy that was in the video at a motorcycle rally, he fired off a couple anvils for the close of the rally. It's also called "Anvil Blasting" and it is pretty cool to see in person and the blast is pretty powerful. He told me there used to be competitions where they would see who could keep the flying anvil closest to the base anvil. He's only known of one time where the flying anvil hit the base anvil when it came back down.
  9. There was another one earlier this week where an engaged chick hook up with a guy who then stole her passport and credit cards. Her mom seemed to care more about her cheating on her fiance then having her stuff stolen. Stolen Passport
  10. A local radio station has a program where parents call in and check up on their kids while on spring break and this chick had a hell of a story. It amazing what people will say on the radio to get some free backstage passes to any concert they wish. Spring Break Bust I was 10min late for work this morning just so I could here where this was going. Not daddys little angel anymore. Its about 10-15 min long and even though it was on public radio I'd call it NSFW. I've been waiting all day for them to put it up just so I could share with you guys.
  11. I have about 40 min at SVCO, though all of it was just under general sessions (not coaching sessions, which I'll be starting next month now that my credit cards are paid off) I was doing 6 min sessions and all of them have been with different coaches. Out of all of them there are 2 that I will be scheduling time with, just seemed to learn more with them then any of the others with the little coaching they are allowed to do in a general session.
  12. It looks like he has a motor assist for flapping the wings. If it is a fake, he is going through a lot of work.
  13. Yeah I'm in the same position, put me in a conversation with a girl I'm interested in and I just become a complete idiot and my brain can't form a complete sentence. Pretty much all men enjoy the company of women, so unless your getting a "leave me alone" vibe I wouldn't worry about invading his personal space. I find its a shoot for the best, steal yourself for the worst situation. Just ask him out and the worst could be him just saying no and some awkward moments for a little bit. At least thats what I'm doing this weekend.
  14. I get what your saying but teens these days are quite desensitized compared to 12 years ago when I was 15. And an "R" rating would make it harder to market it to parents and anyone under 17 would need a parent to buy the tickets. Not that it would probably affect the box office numbers much but the studio is a business and they want to make a lot money and it helps if a group of 13yo can just go to the theater and buy their own tickets.
  15. On occasion I will be slightly disappointed that the movie didn't include certain parts of the book it was based on, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is one that comes to mind. But mostly I will keep them separate, as you say a movie is a movie and a book is a book. One thing I think its hard to make in a movie that is based on a book is that there is a lot of inner monologue and thoughts that fill pages, set the moods, and fill the scenes that you just can't do in a movie.
  16. I got 40 min in the tunnel and am always completely stable and you would never guess that I do a running man every time I let go of the wing of our 182. Which then makes me go all katywampus for a second or so till I make myself remember how to be stable, i.e actually arch. Good luck on the next one!
  17. Very cool! I always thought the boosters just burned up on reentry and never would have guessed they float.
  18. Just finished the trilogy in audiobook form the other day, they were good and looking forward to the movie. I did like the first one more then the other two as a whole but they all were good. I don't read as much as I used to a couple years ago, tend to listen to audiobooks more lately. There was a awesome used book store where I used to live and ended up having so much credit built up with them that I no longer had to buy books. I'd go through 2 or three a week, trade them back in and pick up some more. I hardly read in high school but I have to agree that if they worked with newer books that would actually interest the students they would probably get more to actually read. Hell my class vetoed The Scarlet Letter when we were assigned it. Royally pissed off our english teacher but after a couple days of nobody even turning the cover she gave up and we just watched a movie (Monty Python and The Holy Grail) instead.
  19. Fantastic job and great documentary.
  20. -29 degrees, fricken burrr Possibly a stupid question but do you jump your own rig or are you provided one? In Chris Morris's video description it says that he used a HAHO rig.
  21. I think it would be fun to do atleast one but out of curiosity why is the tandem jump $3K more then the solo jump? And what the FF time on a jump like this? The cross county sound kinda fun too: EXITING AT 23,000 FT AND DEPLOYING AT 20,000 FT FOR AN AWESOME CROSS COUNTRY 12 MILE TOUR OF THE COUNTRY SIDE
  22. Another made by InfinityList, the same people as the first video. Experience Freedom
  23. I think if your just trying to walk on a DZ and work as a packer then yeah you will probably be met with some resistance from the packers and locals. But I imagine you would have a better chance getting a job as a packer at a DZ thats actually looking for a packer. It might not be your DZ of choice but you'll start to gain some experience and get to know some people in this community of skydiving. Down the road if you become a rigger then I imagine you would be a bit more marketable and people would trust you more then just some packer that walked in.
  24. Sent you a pm to a site thats comparable to Megaupload, just hope they stick around.
  25. If the opportunity came around I would do it either way, solo or with a friend. I tend to do most things solo though. I've never been on a cruise but I would like to at some point. If it was kind of a singles cruise then it could be fun but if it was more of a couples cruise then you could end up feeling like a third wheel. And depending on how well you are at meeting people you could make some cruise buddies that you could hang out with then just part ways when its over. As for price, it will probably be a bit more if you go solo as I believe the rooms are normally booked double occupancy.