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  1. Maddy Madison was involved with LAGNAF and later went to Puerto Rico I think. Anybody heard from him?
  2. Dar was working on a film along the highway going up to the north rim of Grand Canyon using motorcycles. AT the end of the day he bet the other stuntmen a case of beer on who could get down the mountain around the switchbacks first and he went off the road into some boulders at the tightest turn and died. I don't know if the estate made good with the case of beer.
  3. Would someone please remind me who ran that jump operation at Deer Valley in the late 60's early 70's? Thanks
  4. Yo snowman, Sorry my last post upset you. I was at Ft. Bragg in the SF sky-diving club 63-65 and made several jumps with Braden. He was a very unique person. Sounds like he may have worked for the CIA some. Clark D-884
  5. I am new to this forum, but not sky-diving. I have read many posts and find that one of the best is Jim Hoopers well written assessment. Wuffos should stay in the background, because they have nothing to offer, unless perhaps a question. Hooper also ran one of the most successful sky-diving operations in the world at Z-Hills and I feel fortunate to have spent a winter there. Dick Clark D-884
  6. Howdy Pop, I landed in the trees, near the beach once or twice and also in the lake, on the ski ramp, and between the electrical cables(no juice). On 7-27-69 my log book shows only two jumps on that day, which means that weather canceled one of the jumps. It was the evening jump, and the ceiling was below 2,000' and storm clouds building. John Coppe was pilot and it was you and Roger Wolford, Robbie and me. As I recall you were the first out and Roger followed. My log shows 1,750' for Robbie and me on the next pass. Winds I logged at 8-10. You and Roger had a bigger pair, plus he was the team leader, very competant as yourself, and knew it was his responsibility to make the show. Robbie could have joined you but hung back with me, both knowing the show went on, not to mention they still saw our canopies right over their heads. Tommy Bartlett ,in 1970, got a demo contract with the Calgary Stampede in Alberta, and John Coppe, Roger, Skip Stevenson, and I jumped into the center of the stadium for a week. Opening day, I did a stand-up on the stage next to Tommy who was announcing. A few years later, I spent the winter months in Florida and trained and jumpmastered a friend at Indiantown. I still keep in touch with John Coppe, and he sent me a Christmas letter with a picture of him and your daughters, who I remember as kids packing chutes for money. I guess we have entered geezerhood. Ciao, Dick Clark
  7. Hey Pop, whats the Wimpy shit? I was with you on the night jump at the Dells on 7-27-69,when only you decided to jump from about 1,200' into the water show and Robbie and I took another pass and got out short at 1,750' deciding to land on the golf course across lake near our cottage and cold beer. I jumped there 3 times a day for 3 summers and didn't take too many chances. The only people that ever were allowed to jump the water show were you and Bill Ottley. I guess if I had one chance to jump the Dells, I would have followed you out. I also helped judge your winter meet in '71 & '72. Dick Clark, D-884