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    free cookbook with vegan, gluten free recipes for thanksgiving :)
  2. I know that i would spin much faster if you wouldn't catch me few times :) i liked the freefall even though most of the time i wasn't stable it was first time i could actually feel how little or sudden movements can affect the flight. and i did get stable ...more less ... before pull:D i can wear my baggy cargo pants next time if that helps ;) and maybe... because i cant really eat for last few days i will lose some weight and you wont have to wear the extra 18lbs :D but fu## i had no idea that even chest strap can be dangerous in skydiving...other than not putting one properly and falling out of a rig :P
  3. So I did my lel 3 and 4 on Saturday. Lvl 3 went really good (my first jump from c182) but had a pretty hard opening. My lvl 4 went not so good :P right from the exit I was spinning like a blender, I did get stable few times but as soon as I tried to adjust my body I was spinning again… did some back flying too - cool ;) failed the lvl but I did enjoy the experience of trueFREE falling and I think I will do much better on my next jump. I used the same rig for the second jump and this time the opening was even harder than the first one… I pulled and waited and waited and when I had a thought that maybe something is not ok ...I stopped….. screamed like a little girl it hurt so badly. I got some nice black bruises on my legs from the straps but worst thing is that the chest strap hit my neck really hard and for last 2 days It still hurts when swallowing my head hurts like hell and I sound like 80yr old drunk :) I know… nothing that few tylanols and beer won’t cure ;)
  4. really cool site for new jumpers
  6. if you die your not going to claim anything... ;) my insurance will pay up if I hit the planet, but only because my first jump was 2 yrs after i got the policy.
  7. im not sure if you should believe any answer you would get on regarding that issue... call your broker.
  8. I did.... but i was hopping she really likes me :)
  9. so I did my level 1 pff over the weekend. :P I’m a bit disappointed with myself. Ride up was OK, I wasn’t too nervous until I had to stand in the door, but I managed to do a good check in/out and off we went. My exit was OK we didn’t roll or any other crazy acrobatics, my arch was ok after few “ARCH!!!” signs, my legs and arms were also good. But I did fight to breath all the way through free fall and that occupied my mind… I didn’t feel like I have any control because of that. I looked at my alti just so the AFFIs see that im looking, but I didn’t really see how high we were. At pull time i got a "check alti" signal and I looked at alti at 7k / 6.5k, but being use to a normal watch I thought it was 5k, panicked and pulled without wave off… :( plus I did used my ripcord as a throw-out PC so my jump was an extra $25 ;) Canopy ride was good, I did all checks, landed standing up but…. when I landed I realized I didn’t once look at my alti…. WTF? i listen to the instructions when to turn when to flare, but I dint do all the things I read about… I wanted to look for destination point, see which point is moving up, which down…etc.. just to finally see how it looks, how to look for landing spots…I wanted to try some turns with back risers to see the difference, I wanted to check the height when doing pattern etc… but for some reason I totally forgot about all those thing and only responded to given instructions… :( I know it was only my first jump, and it was at the end a successful one...but still felt a bit disappointed after I thought about it later on.
  10. ok, so i did my tandem last soon as i landed i knew this is it... so not waiting even one day i started my training! since then, i did more than 5000 jumps, bellyflying, freeflying, wingsuit, dealt with hundreds of malfunctions, landed normal patterns and awesome swoops on and off LZ, base jumping from buildings, towers, mountains with the best... and that’s only on youtube not counting my vimeo experiance, few books by some noob brian germain ahhh and all the knowledge from as you can see im pretty much a pro now….right? so why am i worrying out about some basic pff im starting on saturday? HUA! can’t wait to really learn how to fall. ohhh have to remember to get my gopro ready
  11. I know it does not make a season and i know and understand the risks.It was just an observation that there were many things that went very bad on one weekend.
  12. From the incident section, it looks like there were 3 fatalities over the weekend ;( puts the risks in perspective...
  13. it looks like pc over the canopy was the mal. :(;page=unread#unread
  14. lets say you open high and have the pc over the canopy but it looks like its not affecting control of your canopy in any way, so you fly it... is it possible that the pc will move, get some drag and start causing problems when your too low to deal with it.... i know...anything is possible. it would be a scary flight for sure.
  15. so if the parachute is truing without any inputs, should you try to correct it on final before flare? or plan for landing with that "built in turn" flying full speed of the parachute ?