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  1. Striker1521

    Uno 618

    This suit is just incredible. Simply that. I chose the 618 due to my slower fall rate. This suit is fast as hell but very controllable. I'm shocked at how much control I have. Swooping down to lower belly groups was always a challenge for me, now I don't even have to think about it and I'm down there. The flaws in my freeflying abilities were drastically amplified which really helped me to correct them and become a better flyer. It's very comfortable and the quality of the suit is impeccable. The customer service was awesome. Really nice people at Tonfly USA. Get this suit. Now.
  2. My mom was worried when I told her I was going on a tandem. She cried when I told her I was going through with AFF. She's used to it by now.
  3. Striker1521

    Got my 100th jump yesterday!

    Congrats man! Keep at it. I did my 100th naked, awkward plane ride to altitude.
  4. Striker1521

    How High

    Its interesting, when I jump it feels so natural and normal, even under canopy and setting up landings. It never feels high at all. Just a skydive. However, if you actually think about what it is that you're doing and bring it into perspective its a trip. Stepping out of a plane at 18,000ft isn't something I would have imagined doing on a regular basis.
  5. Striker1521

    AFF in a weekend

    I did my AFF in Lodi, California in two days. It was fast paced with three levels one day and the remaining four the next. Looking back after seeing how other DZs do their AFFs I would have much preferred taking a longer more in-depth course. Sure you get on student status in two days but the quality of instruction appears to be far less. You're learning how to jump out of planes! There is no need to rush that.
  6. Striker1521

    You know you're a skydiver when....

    When you have nightmares where instead of a canopy a pillow and some lines come out. And you still manage to land it.
  7. Striker1521

    Looking For Best No Dogs, No Kids DZ

    Stay far away from Lodi
  8. Striker1521

    How not to be the "problem student?" in AFF

    Vocalize what your doing through out the entire jump. It seriously helps. Yell your face off. Relax. Relaxing is hard to do after you jump out of a plane but it is one of the most important parts of learning to skydive. I passed my AFF in two consecutive days with no repeats. Breathe, arch, relax, altitude, and pull. That's all there is to it. Fly safe.
  9. Did my first solo out of AFF and the first thing I get after landing was, "Nice job kid, you owe beer. 24 pack. No less"
  10. Striker1521

    Couldn't jump after AFF class

    Hey man, I'm new to skydiving as well and I get pretty nervous on the flight to altitude. I did my first four AFF jumps in one day and was nervous every time, same thing the next day when I finished my last three. The same day I did three fun jumps in a row (would have done more but I ran out of cash haha) As soon as you exit the fear goes away. However I feel that you should listen to your fears and use them in a way to keep your understanding of the risks of the sport fresh in your mind. Have fun and fly safe
  11. Striker1521

    How long...Packing?

    A tip for any new skydiver (such as myself) who wants to pack well and time-efficiently...learn to pack tandems with a Sigma 370 and get it into a damn MicroSigma D-bag. You'll laugh on your first few sports packs.