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  1. We had a blast! Thanks again guys for a great boogie! See ya next year! Christina and Al
  2. I'd like to borrow a 190ish ZP canopy and rig for 1 jump probably early this saturday if possible. Here's the story. I have 430 jumps now. I stopped jumping after Katrina and we moved to California. I made one jump that November '05 in Davis. I put on a little weight and my wing loading went up to about 1.5 (was
  3. It sure would be nice to go back to Spaceland for a visit. I just finally got current again though. Christina
  4. Are any of the Bay Area northern CA DZ's (Lodi, Hollister, Davis, etc etc) doing anything special for Memorial day weekend? Also, anyone know which ones have camping? Thanks, Christina and Al
  5. What!?? It was on last night?? I thought it was on Tuesday's!! When did it change?
  6. I was hoping to still be able to make it some how but work is so crazy right now that there's no way I can get any time off. I made a hair appointment for Saturday though and will be getting it cut if it's long enough to donate. I'll post before and after pics. I'll be thinking of you guys, have lots of fun for me too! Christina
  7. You could give Skydive N'awlins a call. They're up and running in Slidell. It's about a half hour drive from the Quarter but it's dry. Not sure what the rules are about camping at the airport but they may be able to give you some suggestions at least. Good luck. Christina
  8. I like the NPR podcasts too. Right now I have the Story of the Day, Technology and Movies. This is a good thread. I've been wanting to subscribe to some more but haven't had time to search for any good ones. Christina
  9. I got a Sharks jersey for my B-day last week! Good game today. Go SHARKS! Christina
  10. yeah, I have it embroidered in orange on the pop top of my black Racer 2K3. I can take a picture of that and post it if that's what you're looking for. Or are you wanting more like just a drawing type thing of it? Christina
  11. I like "High Speed Dirt" - Megadeath myself. Christina
  12. Here's one of mine. M&M's or Skittles or mixed nuts or any other "mixed" type candy/snack must be seperated into individual components and then each component must be eaten down so that they're all even. Then they must be eaten evenly from each component so that they remain even. And that's just one of many! Christina
  13. Let me preface this by saying I jump a Racer 2K3 and I used to jump an old style Vector but not the new one. 1. I haven't seen a Skyhook deployment myself but my understanding is nothing else out there is as fast. I do not jump with an RSL on my Racer. 2. I don't know about the Skyhook. It is important to find a rigger comfortable with packing Racers and who can do it well. My husband is my rigger and he jumps a Racer too. 3. With a properly packed reserve with the pop top seated correctly it would be incredibly difficult to catch a line, nearly impossible. I have however seen some poorly packed Racers where this might be a concern. 4. I love the way my Racer fits. I have the NOS option and I have large breasts. It is very very comfortable. I have the chest strap above my breasts instead of under or across because I've tried rigs with chest straps in all three positions and I find that the above option is the most comfortable. Both are great rigs. I can't wait for the Skyhook to be available for other rigs as well. Good luck. Christina
  14. Just went and saw it Friday. I was not impressed. Sure she's super hot and that's about it for the whole movie. I had never even heard about the MTV thing though so can't compare. The plot is next to non-existent and the action scenes are ho-hum boring. I just kept waiting for something to happen and it never did. Even the hubby didn't like it. Christina