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  1. Just one skydive tandem maybe not enough for open new exits, but you're overqualified for brand war ! Then, PF or TS ?
  2. 100% agree with your 99%. I'm in the 1% who make few 100 jumps a year and i begin to know limits of some suits... Stupid brand war ! Drink Pepsi
  4. 160 jumps later...
  5. this is not enough for over-comment and take place in brand war !
  6. Freak promotionnal video: Someone can tell me what are these big white "X" on ground near airfield? This is for a DZ gamble. I've betted for a semaphore signal to alien's base near Saturn...
  7. 3 resources near clouds. Up or flat that's the question ! barometric altimeter of last sequence :
  8. July 12 from the keyboard order to August 6 for fedex delivery at home. 3 weeks for my Aura 2
  9. I heard that 40 years during cold war and before internet in press, TV, radios. Now we know that's soviet who wins WW2 (80% of german milary capability on east front)... That's means without US, today we drinks vodka before each jump ! Excellent french article, (google translate is your friend):
  10. miltary expenditures; US: 581 Bn FR: 53 Bn As we said in France: "When a 280 pounds guy says something, the 140 pound guy listen"
  11. ... without some pilot's jokes !
  12. If somebody says he has never opening incident, check discretely his ending video
  13. From Franz Reichelt to Jokke Sommer: For me, it's Loic Jean Albert flying his Expert in fly by above Reunion island. (and not "proximity".... yet)
  14. I'm not sure but it seems in famous deug reentry, the turbine is modified for increase the brake engine. If somebody can confirm? All the other links posted here (except mine), the porter is flaps down. That's correspond to landing phase, max 90kts in normal flying mode... I have saw only video with porter for this game. I repeat that i'm around 105kts, so, many planes can be reached at this speed...