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  1. Nah, just got a DVD and stills for my first jump. I should have the DVD covered if the instructor who promised me that is there next May. *fingers crossed!!* See, pictures and DVDs are not included in the $2500, is it? Happyskies!
  2. I'm lucky to have a childhood friend who has the same interests!! We are doing the A License together and will NOT let anyone rob us of our dreams!! No matter how expensive! The A License course will cost $2500 all up, so they require a $200 non-refundable deposit to secure my spot and pay the rest upfront on the day we start the course. My childhood friend is studying to be a paramedic (yay!!) while I'm kinda rotting away (ugh! Metaphorically..) in one of the departments at the hospital as an admin/receptionist. We will also be studying wedding planning together in a year or so, so yup! I've got a friend covered. She's my non-blood related twin sister! My family doesn't know I'm doing it yet until I've fully completed the A License course. haha! My brother said, "It's such an unnecessary experience", when I showed them my first tandem jump on video. I was peeved off but whatever, it's MY life! AND my money!! Skydiving has been on my list to do for years!! Awesome stuff. Glad the tandem instructor pried my hands off the rails and pushed us out of the plane! LOVE IT!!!!!!!! (Just gotta get over the nausea bit... eep!) Happyskies!!
  3. Do not be silly, gregpso!! It's quite wise to leave most of the responsibilities to the tandem instructor. The instructor in that picture is Tibbitts. He's crazy but so much funergy!
  4. gregpso: Bullseye! I jump at Nagambie and there's absolutely nothing wrong with 19 tandem jumps! Do you recognise the tandem instructor? Skydiving is the best stress-reliever ever!! My friend and I usually pick Saturdays to jump so do come and say hello if you think it's me! haha TVPB!
  5. Thanks, skymama! Still not bundled up enough! It was very cold up there. Melbourne's famous for 4-seasons-in-a-day weather. It was autumn then in the picture and even colder up above the clouds. It's wintery cold but still super fun! =) Yea, we can't wait till we get our A License so the jumps are cheaper.
  6. Am I GLAD I'm not the only one who feels nauseous after my tandem jumps!!! I've only jumped twice with 2 different tandem instructors and felt nauseous after. BOTH had to do the canopy-spins that makes me really sick as I'm (weirdly) scared of dizziness. I guess I have to get used to it since I'm going to do my A License next May! I surprisingly don't get car or sea-sick! Gotta stock up on the nausea-prevention pills! Happy skies!!
  7. Hello everyone! Glad to have found this forum for skydiving knowledge and international skydiving friends! My 1st jump was on the 14th May 2011 with the birthday girl (no, not in a birthday suit!). That absolutely got me HOOKED! Next jump was 11th June 2011, didn't hold on to the door rail for dear life like the first time! My friend and I have decided to do the A License course next May so bring it on!!! The only reason I'm not jumping every month/week is because of how pricey it is! Tandems for now till next May. Can't wait!! Happy skies!! ps: I know I should have my arms out in the picture but I didn't feel the "tap" on my shoulders to put my hands out!