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  1. FAH

    ear question

    Not completely, but it seems to be getting better gradually. Basically I just have a little crackling when I open my jaw or swallow. I'll probably give it a few more days, hopefully it'll be cleared by then. Never had sinus trouble before.
  2. FAH

    ear question

    I've read some of the past threads on the topic, but hope you don't mind if I throw this out there. I just started AFF last week, did level 1-3. It's now about 4 days later and my ears are still a little clogged. It doesn't seem like anything major, no pain, no significant pressure, just a little crackling. But I'm still a little worried that it hasn't completely cleared by now. At this point, should I be thinking about seeing a doctor? I was hoping to jump again soon, but I don't want to take any chances. Thanks for any advice.