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  1. freefallfrom10k


    I got to demo a 120 Sabre2 and all I can say is well done PD. Its fast, fun to land (compaired to what else I've landed), and responsive. Openings at a 1.25 wing loading are about 600 to 700 ft, so its a soft opening. Landing is gentle with a alright amount of surf. This is a great all around canopy.
  2. freefallfrom10k

    Maytown Sport Parachute Club

    As a new learning jumper it was nice to have a DZ less than 15 mins from my house. The moment I came here I fell in love. The atmosphere is unbelievable. Everyone is like a huge family with welcome arm, willing to take on the next addition to the club. It really is a club. They do tandems just to pay the bills and bring new people into the sport. I have been to Chambersburg, and yes I love the big fast planes but id rather go to Maytown. Hell I go to school 3 and a half hours from home and STILL travel that distance to jump even though there is a DZ an hour away. All I can say to sum this up is come out, make a jump. Ill bet Maytown is added as one of your favorites.
  3. freefallfrom10k


    I loved this canopy for a while. I jumped a 160 and didn't mind it, never noticed its flaring problems. I downsized to a 135 and what can I say, I really dislike the flaring potientional on the one I'm using now. Its a bit worn and has about 800-1000 jumps on it. Besides the flaring issue I'm having with this canopy and the all well known harder openings of a triathlon, its a decent canopy. If you intend to get one stick with the bigger sized ones and newer ones.