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  1. Spent 6days there from 27 may to 02 june this year. for Freefall camp there was pilatus porter and wednesday there was MI8 chopter (gift from Bosnian Air Forces) and chopter jumps were for free :).... Awesome pilatus porter pilots, were doing over 30 flights up to 12500 feets per day, Ticket price was 25 euros 12500 feets, if 10tickets block 11th was free. Good and cheap beer (0.75Eur) Good food and cheap food on dropzone (2 euros grilled meat in sandwich or with fries) Amazing hospitaly and amazing team working there, Banja Luka awesome city with lot of beautiful women (7 girls per 1 boy) There is rafting close to banja luka, spa centers, etc... amazing experience Next year surely come back. Pados
  2. I made 10 jumps with my hurricane 170, about 1.5 wload, and just happy with opens soft (after Merit, with big slider, and roling tail, this canopy is perfect) it flies quiet fast, it is a high perf lands in no wind days aswell than wind days, if you wanna flight conservatly, you can, if you wanna make a rodeo you can. i cutawayed once, last jump, because risers i had were bad, unbreaked toggle, and line twists, and 2 time hade same problem with good opening, dive is great, and it flight better than lands better, and you can have a lot of track suit it goes good, body position, normal body position and it opens in can play with your harnes during opening sequence, it takes aproximatly 800 feets and make once again great openings, good glide ratio, and really easy to pack. the new zp materials used also by pd... hma 500 lines , really happy with this canopy....
  3. Have a techno 190 reserve chute with 100kg of weight, and a wing load arround 1.3, with reserve canopy...hade left toggle unbreak during opening, line twists, and had to cutaway, was in rotation, so in shitty position, cutawayed and opened with 2 s delay, opened, unbreaked, very ground hungry, and landing was ok... so, i'am alive, and reserve done job....