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  1. Here is the comparison of start arc of Horus (blue line) vs another advanced suit (green). Jumps made by the same person. [inline horus_or_not.png] If you want to compare by yourself. Find out details here: https://skyderby.ru/places/18/flight_profiles Choose what tracks you want to plot, Horus can be found at 05.04.2016, #4079 P.S. I intentionally omit another suit name, because I don't want to start a brand war.
  2. Do you remember when you've bought your unit or when you last time upgraded firmware?
  3. I've been on that event year ago (first time) and I want to say that it was the best event ever I've ever been. Competition is like a battle, because you can do up do 10 competition jumps and best 3 counts, so you can really compete with each other 9 day in several disciplines. Final ceremony was so cool so I won't find enough words to describe it.
  4. I've flown Phantom 2 and Piranha, but haven't flown Swift. I can say that it is pretty similar in handling, so if you know how to fly one it won't be a problem doing same things in another. About "making them very hot" - suits made from similar fabric so It will be very unusual if one will be cooler or hotter than another. About quality - they are perfectly sewed. Customer service is also good.
  5. I use Skyderby https://skyderby.ru to view tracks.
  6. Hi folks, there is a lot of changes were made since my last message. The most important is: 1. Competitions was rewritten from the ground and supports FAI (Speed/Distance/Time) and Hungarian Boogie rules. https://skyderby.ru/en/events [inline tracks_on_map.png] 2. Filters! Finally! You can now filter list with tracks by skydive/base, pilot, suit, place. Ability to ordering (by distance, speed, time, recorded at) list will come soon. https://skyderby.ru/en/tracks [inline filters.png] 3. Places now can be shown on map. https://skyderby.ru/en/places Cheers, Aleksandr.
  7. Have you done 15 minute warm-up at start of the day and 1 minute before load? If not - it's very important. Michael wrote: The key to getting a robust fix with the FlySight is to make sure proper “warm-up” procedures are followed: 1. At the start of the competition, or if the units have moved more than 500 miles, turn them on in an open area where they have a clear view of the sky. Wait for the green light to start blinking and then set a timer for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, turn the FlySights off. The 15-minute warm-up is good for a few months, but it’s a good habit to do it at the start of any competition just to be sure. 2. Before each jump, turn the FlySight on in an open area where it has a clear view of the sky. Wait for the green light to start blinking and then wait 60 seconds longer. After that, you can turn the FlySight off. The 1-minute warm-up is good for a couple of hours, so it should be done before every jump. What’s happening during these warm-ups? During the 15-minute warm-up, the FlySight is downloading “almanac” data from the GPS satellites. This tells it roughly where every satellite will be. During the 1-minute warm-up, the FlySight is downloading “ephemeris” data from the GPS satellites. This tells the FlySight more accurately where all the satellites will be in the next couple of hours. Why are these warm-ups important? Although you may have a fix at the exit point, it could be because the FlySight happened to find 4 satellites—enough for a minimal fix. But when you jump, the wall might obscure one or more of those satellites, and suddenly you will lose your fix. If the FlySight knows where all the satellites are (i.e., if the warm-ups have been done properly) then it can quickly change to a different set of satellites and “adapt” to the new situation—so you won’t lose your fix. With proper warm-ups, you should get a reliable fix throughout every jump as long as you’re not jumping into an very narrow valley.
  8. Hi, where do you mount your flysight? Problem is definitely in gps fix.
  9. flashpipe , You can upload your track to https://skyderby.ru and see jump details, charts, google maps, google earth and got your data synced with video, like this: https://skyderby.ru/ru/tracks/552/replay It's free. For registered pilots: - every track scored for online ranking in Speed, Distance, Time - you can set privacy level to your data.
  10. in World BASE Race 2015 at Hellesylt Jayson Moledzki took the first place in PF Arrow. Results available here: https://skyderby.ru/ru/tournaments/1 Tracks details (if someone interested in): https://skyderby.ru/ru/user_profiles/184
  11. First pilots in distance competition have flown more than 4000 meters (13000ft) in 1000 m of altitude! Glide ratio 4+! Wow! [inline distance_challenge.png] Actual results can be found here: Distance challenge
  12. Just launched skydive online competitions: Time: https://skyderby.ru/en/virtual_competitions/4 Distance: https://skyderby.ru/en/virtual_competitions/5 Speed: https://skyderby.ru/en/virtual_competitions/6 All competitions list: https://skyderby.ru/en/events Please note that it is still beta.
  13. Also, "Ghost Hunter" is upgrade of Ghost 3 I think.
  14. Hi, guys. There is a lot features I'm working with now. Let me introduce some new features: Classic competitions It's ready for testing and if you want to try it let me know. Take a look at this one - it was one year ago: https://skyderby.ru/en/events/2 Online competitions One is going right now. It's Gridset 20 sec tracksuit race. https://skyderby.ru/en/virtual_competitions/1 Online competition can be skydive or base. In online competition can be specified: - Place (exit) - Wingsuit/tracksuit - Period from ... to ... - Task - now available distance/speed/time for skydive and only distance in specified time for base, but I'm working to provide more. When registered pilot uploads track it looking for available online competition and if it suits one it automatically adds. Link video and gps data Just checkout the preview: https://skyderby.ru/en/tracks/577/replay https://skyderby.ru/en/tracks/552/replay After testing it will be available for everyone. Pilot profile It's mine: https://skyderby.ru/en/user_profiles/3
  15. Jarno, Klaus, thanks guys. It's even better, because signal noize almost won't affect result.