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  1. The list so far 1 Year Australia Austria Croatia France Germany Portugal 6 Months Belgium Iran Netherlands South Africa United Kingdom 180 Days Argentina Canada Ireland Italy USA Spank the
  2. looks like the Chinese have modified a PAC 750XL into a UAV Drone, wonder if this is the future of jump planes ;) Spank the
  3. Hi guys just got a quick question regarding the Sony CX410, Has anyone cut off the stupid USB connection thingy on the side and if so does your camera still work with it gone??? Many Thanks Spank the
  4. Might be from a house clearance I brought a whole kit bag with rig, alti, jumpsuit, gloves the lot for £60. It was all from a guys house who had given up 20 years ago and emigrated to Australia, the alti and jumpsuit covered the cost I paid for it, shoved the rest in the loft the rig was from the 70s and had a Stratos Cloud main, Spank the
  5. This is what i've got its a fuzion by 2K composites Spank the
  6. I also think they have taken a hit with the gopro 4 session the price of them has dropped loads and it seems no one's buying them, Spank the
  7. Looks like us guys in the UK are going to have to wait intill Feb 16 to see it on the big screen Spank the
  8. What do you think, should it go? Spank the
  9. I don't think i asked the question in the way I meant and the answers I wanted, ok can i edit my question and hopefully someone who has done both could answer it, what does the tandem course for BPA and USPA involve and what are the differences, Thanks :) Spank the
  10. come on guys give the dude a break, he's only after his free SoFPiDaRF T-shirt well back to the serious side take heed of what others are saying there is a lot of experience and knowledge on here. SoFPiDaRF - School of Fast Progress in Downsizing and Radical Flying... check out the facebook page Spank the
  11. Alright guys I was just reading another post on dropzone when I saw this posted and it got me thinking, WHAT are the differences between the two? the only one I ready know is that USPA requires 500 jumps min and BPA requires 800, so the question I ask is what else is simpler about it and what is the real differences in cost? Spank the
  12. new ad thats on the tv over here Spank the
  13. When we plan a complicated jump, but don’t dirt dive it Spank the